Friday, February 21, 2014 9:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

Well, Leadership Seminar #16 is in the books. I know it is not because of old age but time simply seems to move by quickly. Compared to last year we had 45 men today versus 44 last year; 42 women versus 39 last year but the surprise was 72 today in the afternoon class versus 38 last year. Maybe they were excited about the questions and answers. Here are the averages between 2013 and 2014; last year in Douala we averaged 40 men and this year 43; the average for the sisters was 39 versus 36 this year so a slight decline; the afternoon class averaged 52 both years. In Kumba the numbers were 113 men in 2013 and 127 this year; 80 women last year with 106 in 2014 and 151 in the afternoon class with an average of 183 this year. I was discussing with Richard tonight and we both were highly pleased with both the material that was presented and the response of the brethren. We realize that what they do with the material when they return will tell the tale. We emphasize over and over that they need to go back and model what they have learned before they begin to teach it. The maturity level in many congregations is low but my prayer is that with time, the church in Cameroon will become a mighty force for the Lord. Please keep these brethren in your prayers. Here is how the day unfolded:

Regular waking up time. Richard and I are looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Jean Claude says he will be here by 10 which means he should arrive by 11! We are going to go eat and then go down to the port. At any rate, had the candy ready for the sisters and we left the hotel at 8:10. Richard’s stomach is still bothering him but he had Lori talk with his doctor and we believe we can get some medicine tomorrow that will straighten him out. Well, nothing will straighten him out but hopefully it will help him feel well. Lori has been working on the boy for nearly 40 years to no avail. Not her fault as he is just a rough piece of material! Linda and a number of sisters were at the hall when we got there so I gave her the taxi money and fled. Arrived at the hall around 8:45 and class started on time. Richard is an excellent teacher and the last day was no exception. Let me describe the pictures below and then I will get back to the day; Eunice is the girl I am holding. She is one of the daughters of Rodrique and Cristel. Rodrique is the preacher in Yokaduma that I wrote about yesterday. I was in Yokaduma back in October and she calls me ‘Grandpa Jim’. I am still working to help her learn to cross her eyes as all people, young and old need to have that ability. My darling wife is the one who taught me to cross mine. On the right are Martin and Richard. Martin was dressed in his civvies today. Let me describe his normal attire when he is driving his machine; boots, jeans, don’t know what kind of shirt because he wears a heavy coat, gloves, a sock hat that covers everything but his face and a helmet. How he keeps from suffocating is beyond me! He is the one that Richard has ridden with and Richard raves about his driving ability. Coming back I got a GREAT video of us in the HOV lane. Now, their HOV is a bit different from ours. You see, when the traffic gets too heavy the machines just climb on the median and ride on it. If you come to my presentation at Buckingham Road I will show you how efficient this is. Richard says that if they had a ride at Disney World that could simulate riding a machine over here; the lines to ride would be looooooooooooong! We got back to the hotel for break (I had no meetings today) and we had a nice lunch. Visited for about an hour and then I had to get ready for my class. Martin and a brother named Lawrence came to pick us at 2:30 and they were on time. Got to the hall with no problems and the class went well. The questions were good and most were thoughtful. During the breaks I gave the money to the brethren from the North to return. Each year I raise money to bring them down as the cost is prohibitive for them. Was also able to help a few others. The brethren were so appreciative to us and asked me to convey their thanks to you. I always let them know that the money comes from others and not from me. Traffic was heavy coming home which allowed me to take some more good videos. I am becoming quite proficient on the back of a machine with my IPhone. When we got back to the hotel I took a shower and then went down to Richard’s room for a snack. We visited again and had a very enjoyable time. This man is really a GREAT preacher and the church has grown everywhere he has been. He currently preaches in Meridian, ID and has been there 12 years. He is superseded only by his lovely, talented and extremely brilliant wife! I have downloaded my camera and will Skype Linda and Charlie Brown soon. Tomorrow will be a day of relaxation and then the combined service on Sunday. Oh; I forgot to tell you that when Jean Claude was translating for me yesterday I spoke of giving God crumbs as it pertains to our contribution. In French that translates as residue which I thought was pretty accurate.

Thanks for your prayers and please keep those who are returning to their homes in prayer.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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