Thursday. February 20, 2014 10:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

Writing a bit later than usual. Had another great day! Attendance for men was 53 compared with 44 last year; women were exactly the same as last year with 41 today and the afternoon was down from 57 to 49. As far as the interaction with the brethren, things are going along well. Here is the day:

Usual time to get up, in fact, I just set my alarm. Looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, if possible. I have been reading some of the evaluation forms from Kumba each morning and will try to send some of them on Saturday. Richard’s stomach is still bothering him but he slept well last night. Don’t know what the problem is so please continue to pray for him. It is such a joy to be with him as we have good discussions when we get the chance. As always went to the LeWat Hotel to see the sisters. Today was a public holiday so the traffic was much lighter than usual. Didn’t get any good video but hoping for heavy traffic tomorrow and some videos that will truly capture Cameroon. Arrived at the church hall around 8:50 and pretty soon I got on Martin’s machine to go back to the girl’s place to pass out the evaluation forms and explain them. Didn’t want to take up too much of the class time so I was in and out fairly quickly. Got back to the hall and was there for the balance of the morning. Martin took Richard back to the hotel as I had to stay once again for meetings. I had one meeting this morning during a break in Richard’s class because I knew I would not have enough time during the afternoon break. Met with the sisters that go out and train the women to teach the children. Their picture is on the right below and from left to right are Pauline, Gisele, Linda, Nadedge and Mary. Because of their work we are seeing children’s classes started for the first time in some congregations. I am sure I have told you at some time but 40% of the entire population of Cameroon is under the age of 15. These sisters are doing a great job and we believe their work will have a lasting impact for good on the Kingdom. I then met with one of the preacher’s and his wife. Finally another couple that are facing a severe problem. Their landlord is kicking them out effective July 1. The church meets in their house so it is a double whammy. The church has bought land and we would like to build a church hall and preacher’s house so that rent will not be a problem in the future. The Army is building a new base so rent property is skyrocketing in price. It would cost around $10,000 for both the church building and the house. You see, we cannot build a primitive building because the land is on the main road coming into the town and the council of the town demands that buildings on that road be nice. The city is moving out in that direction so it is truly prime land. I mentioned this last October and did not get a big response. I realize that money is tight but if you could help please email me with a figure that you could commit to. I don’t want you to send any money at this time because if we don’t get enough, I would just have to send it back. I went right from that meeting to teaching my class. The picture on the left below is of the 10 brethren we brought from the North. We pay their expenses as the cost is very high. They will take a bus from Douala to Yaoundé which is about 3-4 hours-then a train that is about 14 hours followed by a bus for another 3-4 hours. We are happy that they can come and I will be going there with my brother next October, Lord willing. After my class I had another meeting with some members of Jean Claude’s congregation. We had been supporting two village works but they both failed because of a lack of commitment on the part of the natives. We are now exploring new possibilities. Martin took me back to the hotel and I got a shower and went down to Richard’s room and ate with him. I am not going to describe my plate as it might lead you to jealousy which is not a good thing. I have been going over the questions that were submitted for my class tomorrow afternoon. Also Skyped Linda and Charlie Brown. Have a few more things to do and that will be it for the night.

Some isolated stuff:

1. I forgot to tell you last week but in ‘pidgin’ the English word pen is translated Bic.

2. This morning Richard was trying to make a point with ‘stork’ in the illustration as when a baby is brought. He asked them if they understood and when there was no response he quickly said; ‘forget it’. I know that we all, from time to time, use verbiage that is quite strange to our brethren.

3. This hotel is so nice that we are getting spoiled. Good towels, clean room every day, nice beds. The only problem is that they have toilet seats but I had them remove mine (in honor of my darling wife) when I first got here.

4. One brother came up to me tonight to inquire of my health. When I told him I felt fine he did not believe me. He said my eyes did not look good so maybe my eyes are sick but I feel great!

Remember to keep Richard in your prayers. Thanks for your constant prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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