Monday, February 17, 2014 8:55pm-2:55 pm CST

Dear All:

Today has been a better day from a health standpoint. I think I have recovered and feel like my young self! Thanks for all your prayers. Last week the attendance was the best it had ever been in Kumba but today we started out behind last year’s count. In 2013 we had 37 men but today were down a bit to 35. The women last year numbered 38 but were only 25 today. The afternoon class was 52 last year but 41 today. We know, of course, that high or low numbers in and of themselves prove nothing. Our prayer is that these brethren will help their congregations mature. Here is the day:

Got up at 6:45 after a good night’s rest. Was still a bit wobbly but nothing of any consequence. Lodging is very nice and that helps, especially when you feel bad. Richard and I hopped machines at 8:20 and went to the LeWat Hotel where the women meet. There is no place at Jean Claude’s church hall to house women. They like it because they get A/C and a nice room. Also, I will go over one day and buy them all a Coke. You should have seen the traffic this morning. When we went to cross the street you had to do some quick steppin. I had to leave some money for the girls as we pay their taxi fare from the hotel to CDLP. Oh, CDLP stands for Cite de la paix which is Jean Claude’s congregation and in English it is City of Peace. Got to the hall at about 8:50 – it is such a joy to ride the machines in Douala. I am trying to figure out how to send a video because I got a good one today riding on a machine. I have this nailed down where I can call from the back of a machine if I need to talk to Jean Claude. What is really neat is when the driver is using his cell phone! Richard had a good class and I was there all morning as there were no errands to run. I think that Jean Claude set it up that way as he was afraid I was still not sound. After class two of the brothers who have machines took us back to the hotel where we ate. They were supposed to return and pick us at 2:20 but only one showed so we had to wait as Jean Claude dispatched Martin. Got there on time and had a good class. I was talking today of the traits of a good leader such as humility, patience, kindness, gentleness and some others. They struggle with that because the Cameroonian mind is that the leader is a boss. One of the brothers during a break in my class told me that many leaders in Cameroon in the church try to emulate the denominational leaders who rule with an iron fist. Some of these Bible concepts will not sink in quickly. After my class we headed back to the hotel. I ran down to the grocery store to get some staples. I have already had my shower and am up to date with all of my computer stuff. I have two meetings tomorrow. Oh, it is hotter here than in Kumba! I had told you last week that I taught them 3 new songs and Jean Claude has them down. I led them once this afternoon but from now on he can handle it. I do have one prayer request; you know that Richard and I suffer mightily over here and one of the problems we have encountered are our refrigerators. You see, the ‘knob setting’ is from 1-10 with 10 being the highest. Well, we both put our on 10 and everything is frozen. Talk about suffering. No pictures today; I got video but no pictures. Will try to do better tomorrow. Well it is time to Skype Linda and Charlie Brown. We are doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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