Sunday, February 16, 2014 5:30pm-10:30am CST

Dear All:

Am still a little weak and still a little dizzy but will be fine. Here is how the day unfolded:

Got up at 7 after a good night’s rest. Sleep has never been a problem for me. Richard is also sleeping better now. Was not sure if I could make it to church; especially to stand for both Bible class and sermon. I called Jean Claude and asked him if the church would be OK with me sitting to teach. He said that I simply needed to tell them of my situation and ask them for permission and they would grant it. Martin came with Junior and Mary and we simply made a switch; Mary went with me and Richard with Martin. I made out better because I would rather be with Mary than Richard! Junior was also on the machine with Richard. The taxi ride to Dakar only took about 20 minutes because traffic is very light on Sundays. No different from the States. We walked about a quarter of a mile from the road to the church hall and I was careful not to fall. As it turned out; I did stand for both Bible Class and sermon. It was kind of like Kumba in this way; while I was teaching in Kumba I never noticed the heat. It was only during a break that I would be aware that it was hot. Well, as long as I was teaching I did fine; it was only when a question was asked that I remembered that my health was not sound. The picture below is of the congregation. As you can see; the church hall is small and it was packed. Mary and I went back to the hotel where she waited for Martin to come with Richard so we could make another exchange. Richard came down to my room and we had a good lunch. It is beyond me why people think they need to have hot food. While being a lukewarm Christian is bad, lukewarm food is excellent. I am drinking a bunch of water because Dr. Sutton thinks I may be dehydrated. Of course, he also believes that Mickey Mouse is real because he saw him at Disney World once! After we ate we visited and then put the name tags together for tomorrow. Richard went back to his room to do whatever he does and I have been working on this and that ever since. Jean Claude is supposed to be here at any minute to go over things for tomorrow. I think within 2 hours I will have everything done and then I will relax a bit.

Isolated thoughts:

1. Yesterday when we got to Douala Jean Claude was in my room and in walked Richard. He had a rather sheepish look on his face and we knew why when he pulled the key to the hotel in Kumba from his pants! Jean Claude quickly got the driver that had brought us as he was taking another load back to Kumba. We gave him a small amount of money to return the key. Jean Claude had called the hotel and they thought that one of the workers had misplaced the key. Part of the fault was mine because I usually ask everyone if they have left their key but yesterday morning I did not feel like asking anyone anything!

2. I heard a novel excuse to get out of putting money in the plate when it passes. Here in Cameroon before the giving a brother will get up and say a few words. This brother said that he knew a man one time who would go to ease himself (urinate) during the giving. He would not finish until the giving was finished. Now, I am not saying this to give any of you any ideas. I would hate to get back to Buckingham Road and on the first Sunday notice a mass exodus for the restrooms during the contribution!

3. Many of the churches in this country have a timekeeper which I despise. You have so much time and when it is time to stop they hold up a sign that says STOP. Now, they do give you some warning with other signs that say 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes. Well, I was not paying attention to the timekeeper and went over a bit in both Bible Class and sermon. One time Virgil Butler was preaching in this same congregation and when the timekeeper started flashing his signs Virgil replied: “Brother Kum, you can hold up as many signs as you want but I will stop when I am finished!” Brother Kum proceeded to put his signs down. I think it was because Virgil was an old man!

4. The picture on the right is of Martin, Mary and Jean Claude headed to the church building and then home. They are carrying some things for the seminar.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Please pray that I will be totally fine for tomorrow.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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