Saturday, February 15, 2014 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

Will write and send this quickly as this has not been a good day regarding my health. Got up at 6 with no problems. I have Glaucoma and put a drop in my right eye each morning. Once I got up I was dizzy and while it has gotten better during the day, when I stand I am still a bit dizzy. Nothing to worry about. When I got to the hotel I also ‘lost my cookies’. I try to be as delicate as possible with my language. For example, if Lori Sutton were writing this the details would be so graphic that YOU would throw YOUR cookies up. Here is what transpired today:

Left the hotel at about 7:35am. I just tried to get downstairs without falling and was successful. I let others carry my stuff which I do anyway. When I was younger my pride would lead me to carry all of my stuff but as I have gotten older I am happy for others to do the heavy lifting. The trip here was uneventful. We stopped at one place to buy bananas and another place to buy bread. You can get it cheaper on the side of the road than in the market in Douala. Last night my modem quit working after I sent the blog and the reason was that I was out of ‘time’ in the modem. You pay so much money and when it is gone, well, that’s it. No warning. That modem is faster than the wireless here in the hotel. Also, as I told you earlier in the week; when I go from the wireless here I have to send the email and then cut and paste it into Gmail. You might wonder why I don’t just go straight to Gmail which is a logical question. The reason is I want all of my files in Outlook. Unloaded at the hotel with no problems. We are on the 7th floor which is the highest. Rooms are nice with good A/C and Fridge. Richard and Jean Claude went shopping as I did not feel up to it. Glad I stayed in. They then went to eat lunch and brought me back a hamburger and fries. I have unpacked and been doing various stuff all day. I would unpack one box and then lay down and rest and repeat. Richard came down tonight to check on me and we visited for a while. Let me explain the pictures below: the one on the left is of Martin collecting some of Jean Claude’s stuff and loading it on his machine. What you cannot see is that he added two large fans to the load. The picture on the right is interesting; not because a man, woman and baby are on the machine but because the woman is driving. You rarely see a woman driving a machine and I don’t think there are any women taxi drivers. I will teach and preach at Dakar in the morning. Fixin to take a shower and hit the sack. I am not worried but still would like your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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