Friday, February 14, 2014 10:50pm-3:50pm CST

Dear All:

When your first child was born, there was great excitement. You may already have had plans for what this child would become. Of course, at that point in time you could not know if the dreams would become reality. That is how I am looking at this seminar. I am not naïve and do not believe that everyone who attended will go back and become the dedicated servants that they have been taught to be. Nor do I believe that they will all go back and help the brethren mature. I do have hope, however, that we have laid one or two or three good foundational blocks. I can only ask you to pray that what we have taught will lead to much good fruit. I am as pleased, actually more pleased, than any seminar we have had in the past.

Unfortunately I was a true prophet and when you couple the words ‘unfortunately’ and ‘true prophet’ you might think that you have an oxymoron. Oh, to Teresa Blaisdell an oxymoron is not a stupid person that is light headed! You see, the attendance did come down from the previous days but it was still the highest of all 16 seminars. Today we had 132 men as opposed to 112 last year; 120 women as opposed to 81 and an afternoon class of 167 as opposed to 160 last year. We averaged 127 men, 106 women (the first time we have cracked the 100 mark in average) and 185 in the afternoon class. All are the highest numbers and we pray that they will translate into changed congregations. Once we get to Douala the numbers will be dramatically lower as there are far fewer congregations and members on the French side as on the English.

Here was the day:

Got up at normal time and did normal stuff. The mornings are rather bland as you are just preparing for the day and nothing is particularly exciting. We left around 8:35 and the hall is only 5 minutes away. I can’t remember if I told you but I got a good video riding a machine yesterday. There are about 7 drivers who have helmets and I have ridden with 3! I am going to find out how to post videos (if it is possible) because I have some things that you would really enjoy seeing. I got to the hall and immediately started collecting evaluation forms. I have been so busy today that I have not had a chance to read any of them but plan to do so on the bus to Douala tomorrow. I came back to the hotel and did correspondence all morning. I knew that I would not have time to get it all done on break. Richard got back a bit early as his class ended about 20 minutes early. We ate in his room and had a wonderful lunch. We both commented on how you appreciate small things in Cameroon far more than in the States. For example, the power went out for the 6th time since we have been here about 30 minutes ago. I am not sure if the power has gone out at my house 6 times in the past 20 years! My class was nothing but questions and answers. I had the questions in advance and most of them were on topic. Those that were not went unanswered. Some were elementary while others showed that they were thinking. I was very pleased with the way class went. At the end Jean Claude asked those who liked this format to raise their hands and all but 4 or 5 enthusiastically did so. I will probably do the same thing next year. After the class Jean Claude passed out the new Noble Age 4 material to each congregation. There were many announcements and every ‘man and their mother’ wanted their picture made with us. I started packing about 2 hours ago and have finished. Took a good shower; the electricity, while on had been low and the A/C wasn’t that cold. When I turned on the cold water there was a temporary shock to my system but it sure felt good. There are sacrifices and there are SACRIFICES. To lower my weight limit regarding cargo; I just gave my last Boston Crème Pie Little Debbies to Jean Claude, Lucy and Linda. If you have eaten one of these heavenly treats, you are probably singing my praises right now. I can hear you: ‘wow, that Jim Corner will nearly lay down his life for his friends’. Now, before I break my arm in patting my back I must confess that I kept one back and brother; was it deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious! One thing about Little Debbies is that they contain all 11 of the food groups! I am fixin to Skype Linda and will then hit the sack. We are getting up @ 6 with a target of 7:30 to leave. If we make that we should arrive in Douala by 10:30 or so. The pictures below are of me and Glenn Besong; he was my primary translator this week and did a GREAT job. The other picture is of the preachers who came to the seminar. Could not have asked for a better week and I realize your prayers had a big part in that. We are excited about getting to Douala and ask that you continue to pray for us.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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