Thursday, February 13, 2014 10:50pm – 3:50pm CST

Dear All:

Well, maybe tomorrow the attendance will be lower than last year. In the men’s class last year the attendance was 119 but today it was 163! The sister’s class last year was 89 but today it was 119. The afternoon class in 2013 was 164 and today it was 215! I really do expect lower attendance tomorrow but we have been very pleased with the seminar.

Here was the day: started off as usual at 7:15. I have been getting to bed between midnight and 1 so am getting plenty of sleep. Power continues to run well, in fact, last night I did not run the A/C all night. The fan was OK. We have only had the one water outage which is fairly rare and the fact that the electricity has been so stable is a real surprise. Went down and ordered supper on the way out. Richard and I decided to split a plate of spaghetti – more on that later. Arrived at 8:40 and started passing out evaluation sheets. They were singing the 3 songs I had taught and are doing well. I actually stayed for the first hour of Richard’s class today. He is a good teacher. I then went to the sister’s class and went over the evaluation forms with them. Also took some pictures for Richard on his camera. Finished at noon and then I met with the 6 sisters who go out to teach seminars on how to teach children. The picture below on the right are those women: Diana, Victorine, Lucy, Beatrice, Ghislain and Julie. They are some great girls and are doing a fantastic job. After I left they began to plan for March, April and May. I also met with John and Lucy Bechem. We have been assisting him financially for the past 10 years but their support stopped effective January 1 of this year. He just want to tell me how grateful he and Lucy were for our assistance. I then climbed a machine back to the hotel and was able to spend some time going over my afternoon lesson. Oh, I received an email from Louise Clement who has done a GREAT job working with the sisters here. She was here last year and with the help of the Lord will return next February. She has been in the house the sister’s meet in and wanted to know how we got 114 people in that room. She did understand that some had to be out on the porch. Richard and I hopped machines and got to the hall around 2:45. I started at about 2:50 and the class went well. I was talking on giving today with the aim of them one day being able to take care of themselves. That day is still a long way down the road but we want to get them thinking in those terms. Tomorrow is going to be interesting (at least I hope so). My class will be only questions and answers on what we have studied this week. I had the men write their questions so I would be somewhat prepared. Louis came from Douala to do something for the Board of Trustees and ate with us tonight. He said he had already prepared my coffin for tomorrow. He knows that many of the brethren see everything in black and white and cringed at the idea that we can have different ideas on different subjects. Richard asked Jean Claude if there were any doctors in Kumba because I was going to need one after my class. I am actually looking forward to it. May change my tune tomorrow but that is the melody right now. On the way home bought some soft drinks for Jean Claude, Lucy and Linda. Now back to the spaghetti; Lucy and Linda had ordered chicken and spaghetti and they both received big plates so Richard ate some of theirs and I got all of ours! Always have a good time on the table. Oh, ‘on the table’ does not mean we climb up on it; that is simply their way of saying at the table. Got back up to my room around 8 and have been working ever since. Had a nice shower and feeling well. Richard came and borrowed my phone so he could call Lori. I am fixin to Skype Linda and Charlie Brown once I get through with this. We did not have an dessert tonight so I have been forcing myself to eat some miniature Mars Bars. Don’t really care for them but know that they have great food value. Did you know that a Mars Bar contains the 9 food groups! Let me explain the other two pictures below: the city of Kumba is without water today so we bought water so everyone could drink. The picture on the right is of the containers that hold packets that are about a ½ liter. The middle picture is of the group. The Lord continues to bless us with good health. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Dianna Teel says:

    Jim, we also have the same black and white mindset here in Honduras. We’re working on changing it here at Baxter. We had a panel discussion just today in chapel and I totally feel your cultural perspective differences.

    We also have the same size water bags here that you can buy from the vendors at the stop lights.

    Blessings brother,


    • Dear Dianna: It was good to hear from you. While my experience in 3rd World Countries is limited to Ghana and Cameroon I do assume there are many similarities around the globe. I pray that you and your husband are being blessed in your work and thank you for your service. Jo is taking care of me quite well but not as well as you! Don’t tell her I said that! Tell your mom and dad I said hi the next time you talk with them.
      In Christ,

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