Tuesday, February 11, 2014 10:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

I hate to sound redundant (Teresa, you will have to ask Ricardo what that word means) but we had another GREAT day. Last year the men’s class had 104 and today we had 113. The sister’s class had 83 and today we had 99. The afternoon class had 156 and today it was 178. As I told you yesterday, today was Youth Day which is a public holiday so we expect the numbers to go down tomorrow. I have pictures of Richard and Lucy and Linda’s classes below. I did some video but can’t figger out how to download them. You can easily tell that there are not 99 women in that picture. Some are in a cubby hole to the right and others are on the porch outside.

Here is the day as it unfolded:

Got up at 7:15 with a targeted ‘take off’ time of 8:30. We all got machines and the driver’s took us a different way because of Youth Day. You see, the main road was blocked because later in the morning the children would march down the street. We got to the hall with no problem and found the brethren singing. I brought copies of I Love You Lord; Jesus, Let Us Come To Know You and I Stand in Awe. I have taught them 4 times and we will continue to sing the songs until they know them well. One of the best song leaders is a young man named Denis Asikpo (yes, Denis only has one N). Denis is a farmer but also preaches for a village church that happens to be the 2nd or 3rd largest in the entire country. By tomorrow he should be able to lead it without me. We ran out of copies so Jean Claude had me go down to make copies but he and I forgot that because of the holiday, the place was closed. I had forgotten my Bible and Text book (don’t tell anyone) and I had to go back to the hotel. Against my will I forced some Coke Light down my gullet. Oh, when we went to the hall this morning there is a place in the road where there are several severe holes and a large bus had fallen into one of them. Virtually no one wears a helmet although yesterday I did ride with one driver who had a nice blue one. I had a meeting this morning with two of the village preachers we support and the brother who serves as the coordinator. These brothers go out on weekends and work with a village congregation. Our goal in this part of the ministry is reaching the children. Many of our goals go one and two generations into the future. We realize that the ‘Cameroonian Ship’ will not be turned easily or quickly. These brothers are doing a good job under adverse effects. For example, Jacob is a brother in his 60s and his wife suffers with Rheumatic Fever. She is often sick and was the only sister who could teach the children. Solomon, the brother who coordinates for me has a wife that suffers with Diabetes. She also fell on a machine a year or so ago and broke her shoulder. She still goes to the farm and works. Jerry, the other preacher has to walk a long distance (many miles) to get to his village so we plan to buy him a bicycle. At break today when Richard and I were headed home we stopped at a Total Petrol Station to get some Cokes. These are for Jean Claude, Lucy and Linda and they are a treat for them. Richard noticed a Coke Zero so he got it for himself. Richard and I ate in his room. Not going to go into detail about what I ate but will say this: when we found the Coke Zero we also found some Pringles! Yea! After lunch we talked for some time. One of the blessings of the seminar and campaigns are those ‘down times’ when we can enjoy fellowship. Left for the hall at 2:30 and arrived at 2:43. I was programmed to start singing at 2:40 and Denis gave me a hard time about being late. Well, not really a hard time as he was smiling. Spoke today of elders and their qualifications. Tomorrow I will look at the work of a shepherd and then look at how you select shepherds and how you function without shepherds. That is vital here because of 210 congregations, only one has shepherds. We got machines back to the hotel and I spent some time with Richard dealing with some financial requests we have received. We have had two churches ask for us to roof their buildings. One would cost about $1,800 and the other about $2,700. I have been on and off the computer for the past 4 hours. Hey, for reasons that I do not know I am able to send using this modem. In Douala with the wireless I cannot send and have to use Gmail. Any ‘techies’ out there who can shed some light on the subject? I was able to take another cold shower tonight. The water is not that cold. I have a photo below of the bathroom. As you can see, the water just flows on the floor but it dries up very quickly. That was another change that Linda made after our last journey to Cameroon; she removed the shower curtains as she discovered they are an unnecessary luxury. I am fixin to Skype her and then I will go to bed. I am not the swiftest writer as it is now 11:25 and I started this nearly an hour ago. To be fair to myself, some of that time was spent in important efforts at keeping my energy level up. Well, I can hear the music so I will pray for Richard!

Isolated thoughts:

1. Pray for me as I am suffering. Forcing down these Mars Bars with a Coke Light is not an easy job but I will persevere.

2. You know how in the States some brethren have their pew? Well, the same is true here. There are some brethren who have been coming year after year and they occupy the same bench each year.

3. I can’t believe it but I have turned my A/C off 3 times tonight because of fear that I would be rushed to the hospital with a case of terminal frostbite!

4. Richard, that poor slob knocked my door at 10:15 to inform me the music had started up! I told him to put his ear plugs in and leave me alone! I try to be a nice and compassionate leader!

5. I believe that everyone needs to get some sympathy from time to time and that is why I have a picture of my fridge’s door. You can see that I have quite a dilemma in choosing which drink to have!

We are all doing well and appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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