Monday, February 10, 2014 8:30pm-1:30pm CST

Dear All:

Seminar started well. I realize that attendance numbers, in and of themselves prove nothing. There were 102 men compared to 95 last year; 78 women compared to 56 and my class was 175 compared to 151 last year. Now, today and tomorrow are public holidays so Jean Claude thought that the attendance would be higher. He believes, and Lucy and Linda concur that the attendance will drop on Wednesday. Obviously, it is not the number who come that matter but the number who learn and go back and share with their brethren. Here is the day as it unfolded:

Got up at 6:30 and knocked Richard’s door. He did not bring an alarm clock so I am it although he has been getting up on his own. Last night there was a band playing outside of his room. Fortunately, he brought some high powered ‘noise reducers’ that he sticks in his ear or he would have been awake for a long time. They don’t shut down until 3 or 4am! Jean Claude had to go down early to the church hall to put everything in order. The rest of us left about 8:15 and climbed machines. When we arrived there were only a few there but they began to move in at a pretty good clip. Monday is always a day in which the attendance grows during the morning because of people who are traveling. For example, in Richard’s class there were 48 at 9am; 63 at 10am; 88 at 11am and 102 by noon. I don’t know the breakdown of the sister’s class but I am guessing it was similar. At the break Richard and I came back to the hotel and ate in our room. I know that many of you like to hear of my recipes while others tell me the very thought of what I eat leads them to illness. I will say that Lori Sutton and Louise Clement both love my recipes and have included them in their repertoire. For that reason; today and today alone I will give you a recipe. I do this because of the great clamoring that many make in desiring these sumptuous dinners. Take one container of Dinty-Moore Salisbury Steak with Mashed potatoes; put in plate and add ham and spam. Then add corn, Beanee Weenees and Vienna Sausages. Be sure that everything is at room temperature, stir and eat. Now, I must confess if you crunch up two handfuls of Pringles it will be even better but I forgot to buy them in Douala and they don’t exist in Kumba! I went back to my room after eating and went over my notes for the afternoon class. I wish I had a picture of Richard and me going back to the hall because we rode on the same machine. The back tire groaned the whole way! I was nice enough to let him ride in the middle. You see, it is the most comfortable because on the back you get to ride on a metal thing use to haul stuff plus if you are in the middle, you don’t have to worry about falling off. I told him to stay firm because if I started to go back, I was going to grab him. In Richard’s class he is teaching on the Spiritual Disciplines. He has broken his class into two lessons each day; the first today was introductory stuff and the second was entitled: Bible Intake for the Purpose of Godliness. He always does a GREAT job and the class was well received. In Lucy and Linda’s class they have a devo each morning. Today it dealt with Including God in Our Daily Plans. They spoke of the busy schedule of African women and how they need to make time for God. Then in the class they spoke of the need for the sister to be prepared to teach. Their focus will not be so much on presenting a lesson but preparing to present. They understand, as all of us do that if you are not prepared, the class will be a flop. Today and the first part of tomorrow I am talking about fundamental principles that make a good leader. Today we looked at the following: he must be a true follower of Jesus, he must be humble; he must be a servant; he must be patient; he must be kind; he must be gentle and he must be a good listener. Tomorrow we will see that he leads by example; he is self-controlled and he knows the Bible but is still a student. Several of these thoughts were originally supplied to me by our preacher where I worship; Richard Blaisdell. He is truly a GREAT leader! We got home and I Skyped Linda and Charlie Brown. Lucy and Linda came over and met the little boy and later Jean Claude came in. They had a good time seeing each other. I am going to take a shower in a while and prepare for tomorrow.

Isolated thoughts:

1. Continue to pray for Junior, Jean Claude’s son. His granddaughter is doing well from her sickness but Junior had to be carted back to the clinic today because he was hot again.

2. I know that bananas are very cheap in America but here you can buy 20 for $1.

3. Below is a picture of Richard teaching with his interpreter, Tell. This guy has a booming voice!    

4. I was quite excited today. I went by the grocery store on the way home after the afternoon session and they have Coke Light! This is the first time I have ever seen it in Kumba.

5. I had to turn the fan off of me because I was starting to get chilled. In Lucy and Linda’s room they have two beds and Linda’s is right under the A/C. During the night she turns it off and then gets hot and turns it on and then gets cold and turns it off, etc, etc, etc.

6. This is the dry season and warm in the mornings and hot in the afternoons. I don’t notice the heat while I am teaching but do between breaks.

We are all doing well and appreciate your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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