Sunday, February 09, 2014 4:00pm-9:00am CST

Dear All:

We had a wonderful morning of worship. Glenn Besong who preaches for the Fiango Farm Road Church of Christ picked Linda and I at 8:45. We walked about ½ a mile to the main road and got a taxi. The ride is about 15 minutes and their church starts at 9:15 which is a strange time for this country. At any rate, I had the Bible class and sermon. Had 43 in attendance. They meet in a very small hall and there is a Pentecostal Church within 100 feet. You do have to concentrate more carefully as there is a lot of noise coming from the nearby church. The picture on the left is of Linda and Lucy as they are prepared for worship. These are two good girls and true benefits to the Kingdom. The congregation is working on erecting a building but I am sure it will be some time before it is finished. We walked back down to the road to fetch another taxi. I walked with the preacher’s wife who teaches Philosophy in one of the high schools. I mentioned that many in that field in America are Atheists and she said the same was true in Cameroon. This afternoon I was able to do some ‘catch up’ work done. Then I went next door to Lucy and Linda’s and we counted out papers that we will give at the seminar. Then we hauled Richard in to help us put together name tags. Due to the kindness of Terry Harlow, we have nice badges with lanyards. I think we are ready for tomorrow. The girls have went to the market but will be back in time for supper at 5. After supper I plan to watch one or two episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger. This was another favorite of Rob and Tucker last summer!

Some miscellaneous thoughts:

1. If anyone ever tells you that traveling is exciting please give them my phone number or email address and I will straighten them out!

2. We have had 4 power outages but none that lasted more than 10 minutes. My fridge is keeping everything REALLY cold!

3. This congregation where I worshipped this morning is like so many in that they have 2 different song books. When the song leader announces the number he will give both and differentiates by saying New Book and Old Book.

We are all fine and ready for tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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