Friday, February 07, 2014 9:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

I am ahead of the game as I just finished a nice hot shower. I had Skyped with Linda and she said it was freezing with some snow and when I told her it was hot here and I had been sweating during the day she said: “I don’t want to hear about it.” Wasn’t the kindest tone of voice, either. Actually I wouldn’t call it hot but it is warmer than Texas right now. Slept well last night; didn’t get up until 9 after getting to bed at midnight. I was glad to hear that Richard slept well last night. Louis came over at 10 and we walked to a place nearby to get paper and pens for the seminar. Jean Claude called and said he would be late because his youngest son Junior and his granddaughter Princess both were in the hospital with Malaria. They had been up all night and finally knew they needed to see a doctor. They gave both children 2 IVs; here they call them ‘drips’. They are spending the night in a nearby clinic and should come home tomorrow. Malaria kills more Africans than any other disease and if you live here, you will catch it numerous times in your life. For whatever reason, I have never seen many mosquitos here and they do not bother me. I think it is because Mosquitos are repelled by a wonderful fragrance and that describes me to a ‘T’! Please pray for the kids. We went to lunch with Jean Claude, Mary and Louis. Went to the hamburger joint and I was the only one who had a hamburger. To call the service ‘slow’ would be a disservice to the word ‘slow’. If a starving Christian went in he would see the Lord before he saw his food! A good friend of this ministry is a brother named Chris Lowe. He and his wife have a vital financial part in this work and Chris has been here twice. He responded to my blog yesterday by hoping I would get my ‘candy’ and ‘machine’ fix and I did. Louis, Richard and I took machines down to the restaurant. I will be very surprised if I ever stop being amazed; not simply at their driving acumen (for Teresa Blaisdell you will have to ask Ricardo what acumen means) but the enjoyment that it brings. In the public buses and vans they will have signs such as: No vomiting; Don’t talk to the driver; no fighting; no smoking and don’t send your head or hands outside. That last one is easy to understand because they get so close to stuff that if your head or hands are outside you may lose your head or one of your hands! I went down to a nearby bakery to buy some bread for the journey in the morning; after you pay they give you your receipt and your stuff in a small basket; then you go to a lady on the outside who looks at your receipt, checks your stuff and then stamps your receipt so you can go. No shoplifter will get out of that place. Charlie Brown did not come over today as the roads were bad and his mom stayed home with him. As mentioned above; I was able to see Linda. Tomorrow once we get to Kumba I will be using a modem which is much slower than the relative high-speed internet that I have here. We will see how clear the picture is. We are supposed to leave the hotel at 7:30 in the morning and should be in Kumba no later than noon. We will go to the Orphanage at 3 to see the children. Lucy is going to meet us tomorrow in Kumba as she will be co-teaching with Linda. I did not get any African pictures today so you will have to look at two of our grandchildren. Junior (on the left) is 10 and Alex is 9. I realize they are small for their age but what can you do? Well, I hear some cheese, Pringles and a Snickers calling my name so I must stop. Thanks for your prayers. We are doing fine.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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