Thursday, February 06, 2014 7:50pm-12:50pm CST

Dear All:

We are so grateful to you for your many prayers as you lift us before the Father. Today, as well as the next two will be ‘misc & travel’ days. I slept well last night and got up around 7:45. Saw Richard and he woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. The internet here is nice because it is wireless and I am always connected. Not as fast as Fios but know that once we get to Kumba and are using a modem, I will long for these days. Cannot send email directly from my Outlook but have to use Gmail. Never have figgered out why. Oh, when you are writing back to me would you do me a favor; instead of simply replying and going through Word Press; could you please just type out a regular email and send it to Louis and Linda arrived this morning at 10:30. That was when they were supposed to arrive so my heart stopped temporarily. Fortunately, Jean Claude was 15 minutes late. You see, if they both showed up on time they would be calling the mortician! Had a good visit and took a taxi to a nice hamburger place we like. Nobody had a hamburger but that is OK. After lunch Jean Claude went to the bank to get me some small change (500 and 2,000s). Don’t get overly excited; 500 is a little over a dollar and 2,000 is $4.34. I went over some stuff with Louis and Linda about Noble Age 4. That is the new children’s book that we have just finished. When I say we; I had nothing to do with it. The ‘heavy lifters’ were Louis, Linda and Louise Clement. A picture of the cover page is below. This is a nice looking book and I really appreciate the hard work that those 3 put into making it a success. We will give a copy to each of the churches during the seminar. We also talked about miscellaneous things we need to do between now and Saturday. Oh, we also went to the grocery store to get some essentials such as Mars Bars and Coke Lights. I can’t remember if I have told you or not but Richard has been diagnosed as a Diabetic so he is now on the ‘fake’ drinks. Later Richard and I went walking because his doctor told him to walk 30 minutes each day. Being the nice guy I am, I wanted to make sure he got his exercise. It didn’t hurt that I needed some more candy bars and lozenges for my throat! It is fascinating to walk the streets here. Linda was always afraid to cross the street in Douala but I don’t understand why. Am a bit depressed as I haven’t been able to ride a machine as of yet. Hopefully I can get that covered tomorrow. As you walk the streets there are vendors everywhere. If you need a pair of shoes, Douala is the place to be. Richard and I also went and bought a few supplies for the seminar. We are really excited about getting started on Monday. After we got back I started downloading pictures and working on a number of things. Went to Richard’s room to have a discussion. It is always a pleasure to be with him. Sorry that Lori could not come this year. Richard is so dedicated to this work; nearly 12 years ago when his present congregation asked him to be their preacher he told the elders that he would come only if they agreed to allow him to come to Cameroon every two years. I know he misses Lori but is aware of the great work that the Lord is able to do through him. I will be posting only Cameroonian photos from now on so thought my last American photo would be of our entire family. Notice how the gorgeous woman in red stands out! Am fixing to Skype her and Charlie Brown. Then will take a shower, eat something and relax for a bit. The relaxing thing is fixin to stop so I will enjoy it tonight. Thanks for your prayers!

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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