Wednesday, October 30, 2013 10:55pm-4:55pm CST

Dear All:

It is redundant (Teresa, you can ask Ricardo what redundant means) to say that we have had a good day in Cameroon. All days in Cameroon are GREAT. Slept till 8:30 as Louis was scheduled to arrive at 10. Did some miscellaneous stuff and he arrived at 9:45. I nearly suffered Cardiac Arrest! He and I went to the Post Office to buy some cards and then went to the Wood Market. He has never been with me because I always pair up Americans with one of the Cameroonians to help them bargain. Nothing has a set price and if you pay the first price that the seller offers, I pray that you have a BUNCH of money! Well, I have been doing this for 25 years so I have it down to a science. Louis was so amazed at me that he said that he needed to give me a diploma as an expert negotiator. I had 4 things to buy and we were in and out in 15 minutes. We then went and had lunch together and I had my first hamburger on this trip! Lunch was delicious but it was even nicer to be with Louis. Oh, thanks soooooooooo much for your prayers. He does not have a Kidney Stone but a minor nerve problem that the doctor thinks will be cured with medicine. For all of the tests and medicine on the trip the total bill was about $133. The test alone in the States would have been over a $1,000 dollars. He stated that Linda had asked what he would have done if I had not been here and he simply said that God would have provided which is the true answer. Nevertheless, those of you who contribute to these trips have some of that money go to situations like this and the Cameroonians are deeply thankful. He and I took machines to his place so I could see his girls. Linda, his wife, does not like me riding machines and she asked me if I had come on a machine and fortunately for me, I had a ‘Senior Moment’ and could not remember. I find these ‘Senior Moments’ come in very handy with a wife! Hey, if I forget what are you going to do? Below is a picture of his family and they are from left to right: Louis, Renea (named after Renea Herberger in Loveland, Colorado), Linda, Leon Gabby (named after me and my daughter; you see, my middle name is Leon and if you knew my daughter, you would understand the ‘Gabby’ thing) and Lori-Angela named after Lori Sutton and Angela Lowe. Their girls are absolute dolls. They call me Grandpa and Lori-Angela (9 years old) and Renea (7 years old) gave me drawings that they made saying that they loved me. I told them that my office wall is covered in such drawings from Grandkids and others and they will join the wall. I then took a machine back to the hotel and went down to a local grocery store to buy a few things. I was able to Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown. Also, Linda was looking after a kid from church named Reid Robinson. The connection was so bad that I finally had to stop and call her. Everything is going well and Lord willing, I will be home on Friday afternoon. Martin picked me up at 6:30 to take me to the hall for Bible class. I am sure that some of you tire of hearing me go on and on about the machines but they are just incredible. Martin is a brother in Christ and I have ridden with him many times. The time that we were going to the hall was severe rush hour and he did his best ‘let’s ride on the wrong side of the road’ routine. This guy created his own HOV lane. If you have ever been on LBJ or some big road during rush hour you fly by in the HOV lane at 60mph while the poor slobs to your right are creeping along. Well, we flew for a while and then even the HOV lane was heavily clogged with machines. Man, you absolutely have to be there to appreciate it. We were going in and out and round and round and finally came out. I mentioned the other day that I do not know how I survived in only taxis for many years in Africa. Martin took a 60 minute trip and turned it into a 15 minute job. Had a good time teaching the Bible class. In Bible class as well as sermon they have a time keeper. The brother tonight who kept time is named Maurice and I have known him for plenty years. When he flashed the ’10 minute sign’ I suggested to the church that we disfellowship him! We had a question and answer period and even that has a timekeeper. Ride home was not much fun as the only thing that happened was running a red light and then having to stop for the traffic that had the audacity to think they had the right of way! Oh, going Martin nearly hit a guy (I am convinced he did it on purpose) and the guy said something in French and I don’t think it was: “howdy, what’s up?” Last week in Yaounde I also had a driver that nearly clipped a guy and he didn’t say; ‘have a nice day’. These guys are so good and can get sooooooooooo close to someone or something without hitting it. I have printed out my boarding pass for my flight from Douala to Paris. I land at 6;30 on Friday morning and leave 4 hours later. I am doing well but looking forward to touching down in Dallas. Thanks for all of your prayers and concern.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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