Tuesday, October 29, 2013 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

No pictures today as I took a load of video. Got up at 6:30 as Simon Parfait was coming over to go over a few things. He and his wife Nadedge are such a blessing to the Kingdom. Come to think about it: I have a picture of them from last night. Oh well, will post a picture of me and Bapp. She was not too happy with me when I posted that old photo when she was much larger so hopefully she will like this one. How come she makes me look older? Funny because when I am next to Linda I look very young. Now, no one needs to share that ‘crack’ with her! Had bought our bus tickets yesterday and got to the park at 8:15 with a 9:00 departure. We were basically on time and the bus was a big and nice one. Had A/C and comfortable seats. I love to watch these bus drivers maneuver these huge buses in the big cities. Oh, the taxi driver that took us to the bus station had a ‘senior moment’ and forgot that he was a taxi driver and not a machine driver and flew right through a red light. No harm, no foul. I need to apologize to you for telling you at the beginning of this trip we would spend 53 hours on buses as the number was only 40. The reason it was down was primarily for two reasons: 1) The road to Bertoua from Yaounde is now a completed tar road. This is a NICE road and the journey that used to take 7 hours now is reduced to 5. 2) The road to Yokaduma, while a dirt road, is in better shape and we made it in 5-6 hours whereas in the past it has taken anywhere from 8-10 hours! Our travel is over and it is good to be in Douala. Oh, Simon told me this morning that after we left last night he studied with a prospect and she was baptized! Jean Claude met us at the bus station and we came to the hotel and Louis continued to Bonaberi. His side was hurting worse and he spoke to his doctor this morning. The doctor feared it was a Kidney Stone and that is the surgery that Jean Claude had had. Louis was dreading that but he called a few minutes ago and they did some kind of test that ruled a stone out. He will be on some medicine for 3 days and then go back for a check-up. Jean Claude and I walked down to the super market to buy a few things. Since no one was going to be with me I needed to buy supper. I had cheese, Pringles and their brand of Spam. It is fortunate for me that I like stuff like this. In a few minutes I will Skype Linda and then relax with a candy bar and Coke Light. Tomorrow will be a busy day; Louis and I will go to the Wood Market to buy a few things; then go to lunch and then I will go with him to his house to see his kids. Then tomorrow night I am teaching Bible class at Jean Claude’s congregation. I have already done a bunch of packing today and am ahead of the game. I have felt 100% from day one and thank you for your prayers. The Lord has truly blessed this journey.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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