Sunday, October 27, 2013 4:00pm-10:00am CST

Dear All:

I am going to write this HOWDY in two installments. You can see that it is the afternoon here and I will return for the evening worship in about 40 minutes. Here is the day thus far:

Got up at 6:50 and electricity stayed on all night. You may have noticed that I comment on the electricity quite often and that is because it is truly a blessing. The A/C has a thermostat so I was able to get the temperature at a place where the night was very nice. As I had told you a few days ago, my Bible class this morning was on instrumental music and it went quite well. They have a 15 minute question and answer session and it was clear that the class went well and they were very appreciative of the class. There are many members here who believe that the church of Christ is the only religious group in the world that sings accapella and they were surprised to know that 290 million Greek Orthodox still sing as we do. That has always been an interesting thought as they truly know the Greek language. We were able to show that instrumental music has been divisive in most of the major denominations with most of them singing accapella at the beginning. The singing was great as this is one of the larger congregations in the country. Had somewhere around 120-140 this morning. They have a baptistery inside the church and you can see it below. We had 6 Bible studies today and a young man named Jean gave his life to the Lord. Please pray for him as he is a young man with many problems. I also studied with another John (the guy was French, hence the spelling Jean) while the second was English. This young man is highly intelligent but has a denominational concept of Christianity. The Devil has done an outstanding job (from his perspective) of dividing those who profess belief in Jesus. The Bible is crystal clear regarding the fact that Jesus has but one church but that view is a minority one. Studied with another young man that has been sprinkled and is blinded by the fact that immersion is the only form of baptism. He was not a stupid man but one who simply has been so indoctrinated into false doctrine that he cannot see the simple truth. The preacher of this congregation is named Martin and he became a Christian on one of our campaigns in either 97′ or 98′. Virgil Butler taught him the gospel and he is truly a strong brother. We had about 3 studies going on at the same time with me teaching John (who could understand me) as well as Louis and Martin teaching others. After we finished we were given a ride home by one of the members in his Mercedes-Benz. He is a car dealer and this was a NICE car. Had all of the trappings of a Benz in the States. Well, I guess it did as I have never ridden in a Benz in America. Louis is coming down shortly to print something off to give to one of the brothers tonight. Oh, a visitor this morning was an American who works for the American Embassy here. She is Taiwanese but was adopted by Americans and lived in Dallas back in the late 1990’s. I also got to see Margaret Sonar who used to own the hotel in Kumba where we always stayed. Two of her daughters live in Maryland and she has been there for some time and it was a pleasure to meet this sweet sister. The clock below is one of the ‘fancy’ ones in the church hall. I need to do a couple of things before I get ready for the evening service. Will write more tonight.

Sunday, October 27, 2013 9:15pm-3:15pm CST

I am drawing water for a bath so I have about 15 minutes to kill. You can tell that the water does not flow quickly but that is OK. We got a taxi to the hall and arrived at 5:03 and service started around 5:15. Like the States, the attendance on Sunday evening is much less than Sunday morning. Actually, they usually do not have a Sunday evening worship because the transport cost for many of the brethren is simply too expensive. Nevertheless, we had a good song service and a good worship. One of their members is some kind of choir leader in school or something and this guy knows how to lead. I have a video of one of the songs he led and it is really neat. Kennedy (the ‘Benz guy’) took us home and is going to carry us to Nkoabang in the morning. We are leaving at 8 to get there by 9. Simon Parfait has truly organized our day with studies at 9, 10, 3:30 and 4:30. He had one name at 11 but there was an X by it. That meant they had already taught and baptized that prospect! I would ask you to pray that we have a good day. We had an excellent supper and I had the hotel restaurant put two of my Coke Lights in their fridge. Well, there was ice! Also, the fridge in my room is working well. Louis came to my room tonight and I simply wanted to tell him how much I appreciated him. This young man is and will continue to be a strong pillar in the church in Cameroon. I only wish you could know him as I do. After my bath (the water is almost ready) I will Skype Linda and then hit the sack. Louis and I feel that today was very prosperous and the brethren conveyed their joy with our presence. Louis is having side pain again so please pray for him. Hopefully the doctor will prescribe medicine as before and the pain will go away. Thank you for your prayers. I might add that I am discouraged because few of you are sending emails.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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