Saturday, October 26, 2013 3:30pm – 9:30am CST

Dear All:

You can see that I am writing quite early. I am already in Yaounde and will recap the day thus far. Woke at 6:50 with an estimated departure of 7:45 from the hotel. We were actually 5 minutes early. Louis is always late and I told him last night that he had me over a barrel. If he ever wanted to kill me he simply had to be somewhere on time and I would have a heart attack! Well, this morning he asked me if I was going to die. The bus station is near to the hotel and we were there in 5 minutes. Got on the bus with no problems and left fairly quickly. I have a wonderful idea for breakfast tomorrow. This is not a big recipe but simply eat a Toblerone chocoWe late bar. If you read the ingredients you will be very happy with your decision. We only had one Police Stop and made it to Yaounde by 10:45. Got a taxi to the hotel and it was an adventure. The traffic is murderous and fortunately we had an aggressive driver that when in some areas that cars shouldn’t go but we made it with no problems. The hotel we are staying at is named Prestige. You might or might not think that it lives up to its name. The room is small but has a good A/C. It is right over the table where I would use my computer but I am on my bed because it is too cold over there. I have a fridge and will know within 12 hours or so if it is good. It does not run on Freon but on Ammonia and that means that it takes much longer to get cold. Generally, once it is cold it stays that way. We are working with the Biyem-Assi congregation tomorrow and then with Nkoabang on Monday. The picture below is of a brother named Peter along with Louis. Peter is a member at Biyem-Assi and came to go over the details of tomorrow. Simon Parfait who preaches for Nkoabang was also here. On paper we will have a good two days and we pray that the ‘paper’ will translate to souls. Oh, I am in room 301 but fortunately it is on the second and not the 3rd floor. They have me on one side of the hotel and Louis on the other. He said that we are on the two sides of the Jordan and I am on the side with the 2 ½ tribes! We are scheduled to eat at 4 and then prepare for tomorrow. Please keep these last two working days in your prayers. I was able to Skype and see my beautiful wife so all is well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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