Thursday, October 24, 2013 9:45pm-3:45pm CST

Dear All:

Some days are clearly ‘good’ days and others are clearly ‘bad’ ones. Today was a ‘mixed bag’. I will take it from the top and go from there. Got up at 8:10 after a good night’s rest. The electricity stayed on all night. This morning before I left for the hall the electricity came and went a number of times but it had no impact. It has been at least 3 minutes since I sent the last Howdy so I can’t remember what I told you about the hotel. This is a ‘backwards’ hotel because they not only have a toilet seat but it is padded! I thought those were only for church buildings in America. I am seriously thinking about having it removed. This room has a beautiful flat screen TV but I don’t watch television while I am here so it is only serving as a decoration. The electricity obviously stayed on for most, if not all of the day because my Coke Lights are still very cold. Got machines to the hall and immediately had my only study of the day. It was with a man by the name of Samuel who is pushing 70. This turned out to be a good study although he was not baptized. Louis really believes that he will ultimately give his life to the Lord. I certainly pray that his prognostication turns out to be true. We then spoke with two young backsliders. I am worried about this congregation because I fear that it is holding back those who may not think exactly as everyone thinks they should. One of these young men was converted on one of our campaigns in 2006 and the other has been a faithful member in Yaounde. We studied with them for over 2 hours and plan to study again tomorrow. They were at worship tonight. Over the years these campaigns have yielded few restorations because that is not our primary purpose. Of the restorations I have dealt with very few so I do not have a feel for them. These two young men appear to be extremely talented and zealous for the Lord. We took machines back to the hotel for a short break as we had a meeting with the two preachers and their wives at 4:20. We took machines back to the hall and arrived at 5:15 and started our 5:00pm service promptly at 5:35! Two prospects came so Louis taught them while I preached. A brother named Philemon translated for me and while it did OK, he is no Louis. I asked Louis later about the studies and they were two women that were not serious. We have had only two baptisms on this trip and I fully believe that the strength of this campaign will be in the work that we are doing with the local churches. I have a two-part series on “The Tools of the Lord” and “The Tools of the Devil” and we looked into Satan’s tool box tonight. Tomorrow we will see the Lord’s and I pray that these two lessons will impact this congregation. They are having problems with unity in the body and the meeting after worship only bore that out. We got back to the hotel and it continues to be a blast to ride in the dark. There are few, if any, car taxis in town so machine is the only way to go. Got back to the hotel around 7:15 and had another good supper. I tried to Skype Linda and the picture was so bad we stuck with the phone. I learned that one of our dear sisters at Buckingham Road has a Kidney problem. Her name is Carolyn Moore and I would appreciate it if you would pray for her. Also, please pray for Joshua Allen. He is an 11 year old boy with cancer. His parents are friends of our daughter and son-in-law. Finally, please pray for Jose Luis Espinosa, SR who is the father of the little boy that Linda babysits. He is losing his job in 8 weeks. I have actually gone against my cardinal rule several times and turned off the A/C. The question was whether or not I wanted to be an ice block and I decided not today. I took no pictures today but hopefully I will have some tomorrow. We finish in Ebolowa tomorrow and then move to Yaounde. Louis and I doing well. Please continue to keep us in prayer.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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