Tuesday, October 15, 2013 4:00pm – 10:00am CST

Dear All:

Well, the blog went from Paris. I could not send email, however. Have to use Gmail or Yahoo. We are scheduled to land in 20 minutes. Flight has been smooth. I read and actually skipped lunch as I was still full. Did have an ice cream bar a while ago. Watched parts of The Dirty Dozen. A guy came up to me and saw my computer so I am charging his IPhone. Need to get off so we can prepare to land. Will write more tonight and then send.

10:15-4:15PM CST

Arrived safely with no problems. Flew through Customs with no problems. Then came the wait followed by the wait followed by another wait. You see, it seemingly takes forever before your bags are out. There are two carousels and only one flight. The distance from the plane to the carousels is not that far. They must have one guy unloading! The conveyor will go for a while and stop and then start again. It would be interesting to see how they do it. Ultimately everything was here and I had no problems exiting the airport. Jean Claude was there to pick me up and Linda Bassay was on the side of the road and we picked her. Louis met us at the hotel. It is always good to be home! While they were here we Skyped Linda so she could see them. Charlie Brown was at school so I called back to see him and Linda told me that he was not happy that I Skyped when he was not present.

For those of you who have been blessed over the years with my quality cuisine ideas it occurred to me tonight that all of the recipes I have given were for full-blown meals. I must stop and thank the myriads of you who have emailed and called to let me know how much your family is enjoying your cooking once you followed my ideas. Well, today I have a ‘snack recipe’ that you will find quite filling and satisfying. By the StarKist Tuna ‘Lunch to Go: empty the tuna in the little container and add the mayonnaise; then take some Ritz CrackerFuls (Classic Cheddar) and crumble them in and take 3 of the crackers (only 3) and crumble them in as well. Then take two Original Slim Jims and cut them into 10 pieces and mix in. Then to top it off take ½ of a Snickers Bar and mix in. You will truly love this and your family will sing your praises.

I just took a shower and the place is nice as always. I am actually going to get to bed at a decent hour. Tomorrow is ‘errand day’ and we then head for Yaounde on Thursday. Thanks for your continued prayers. The picture below is of Dean and Bapp with our grandson Will. He turns 11 in January and so we are worried about his size! With the help of the Lord, I will blog again tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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