Monday, October 14, 2013 7:40pm-6:40pm CST

Dear All:

I am currently headed to Paris but will go back to the beginning of the day. Got up at 6:30 as I had to take a noon flight from Dallas to Boston and then on to Paris and finally Douala. Since I am traveling alone there was no need to overnight in Paris but that necessitated the earlier flight from DFW. Bapp (our daughter) took me and Linda to the airport. We left our house at 9 and made it to the airport with no problems. It was raining and the traffic was a bit heavy but nothing of consequence. Oh, Bapp’s actual name is Baffy Boo but Bapp just evolved over the years. Got checked in but Linda and Bapp left hurriedly because they had a movie to see. Never mind that I am going to be gone for 19 days! Security was no problem. There was a couple in front of me that were saying by to their son and they call him DooDoo. No joke! They yelled “good bye DooDoo” and the woman that took our passports and boarding passes thought that was terrible. The flight to Boston was smooth and there was only about 2 hours from the time we landed till we took off. Everything is going well. I am fixin to get some of the best food in the world (along with hospital food and cafeteria food at school) in a few minutes. I am going to try and sleep tonight if possible. Read from Dallas to Boston and have done some reading on this flight. Will write more later.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 9:10am-2:10am CST

I am in Paris. 7 hour difference and Douala will be 6. Got about 3 ½ hours of sleep last night! This airport is something else. You have to go outside of security, come in as though you just arrived and go through security again. There are lots of people here. Am currently charging my ‘African phone’ so it will be ready once I get there. I would like to use my IPhone here in Paris but the cost would be astronomical. I am still full from supper on the plane so am enjoying a Coke Light. We are scheduled to leave at 11:00am and the board says that we are on time. It is rare, however, for this flight to take off on time.

Let me discuss what I hope to accomplish on this journey.

1. The strengthening of the churches. I will personally work with churches in Ebolowa, Yaounde (2) and Yokaduma. Jean Claude will work with churches in Bertoua and Batouri. Louis Bassay will be traveling with me. The trip to Yokaduma will go like this: Thursday morning we will leave and go to Yaounde which is a 4 hour bus trip followed by a 7 hour bus trip to Bertoua followed by a 4 hour trip to Batouri and a 10 hour trip to Yokaduma. I will be preaching to the churches each evening and conducting meetings with the churches in Batouri, Bertoua and Ebolowa. Even though I will not work directly with Bertoua and Batouri I have scheduled meetings with them.

2. I will be evangelizing prospects of the churches I mentioned above. Please pray for conversions and not baptisms. I am aware that oftentimes there are those who ‘go to the water’ because they believe they will gain some material blessing from the American. My prayer is that the Lord will lead me to those who truly want to surrender their lives to Him.

Someone just said that I had 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi here so I will try and send this. I thank you so much for the constant prayers you are sending up on my behalf.

Oh, the cute kid below is our grandson Junior. He is 10 years old but looks much younger!

In Christ,

Jim Corner




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