Thursday, October 10, 2013 3:50pm – 3:50pm CST

Dear All:

Here I am again! Lord willing, I will be leaving for Cameroon this coming Monday. I will be the only American but will be working with Jean Claude and Louis Bassay. Our mission is on the French side and we plan to work with 6 congregations. The French side is much smaller (as far as the church is concerned) but much larger as far as population and area. For example, I traveled about 8 total hours in the journey this past June. This month I will spend roughly 53 hours on buses in Cameroon. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Please pray that the Lord will give us good health, safe travel and souls that will give their lives to the Lord. Once I get there I will be able to send photos from that side of the water. This time I am only taking my IPhone so it will be interesting to see the quality of the pictures. The one below is of Charlie Brown, the kid that Linda babysits 5 days a week. He turns 5 in December and she has had him since he was 6 weeks old. Thanks for your prayers and you should receive my first blog from Africa next Tuesday.

In Christ,

Jim Corner




4 Responses to Pre-Howdy

  1. JERRY KLEIN says:

    Best wishes. May God be with you in your travels. Janie


  2. Carolyn Moore says:

    Hi Brother Jim!!!    We will definitely be praying for everyone to have good health, stamina and strength for those 53 hours of riding buses in Cameroon, and keeping everyone safe from all hurt, harm, and danger in Jesus’ Mighty and Amazing Name, Amen!!!!! We miss you already and we will take good care of Linda and family!!!! Please give my love to Jean-Caude, Mary, Louis, and his wife and all their families!!!!!! We look forward to hearing your reports and seeing pictures while you are there!!!!    Thanks for the picture of Charlie Brown, it reminds me of Harold when he was that age, he used to love to ride under the cart also!!!!!!! Take care,  Love in Christ Jesus, Carolyn 

    • Dear Carolyn:

      Thanks! Will pass your greetings along. I have been able to Skype with Linda each day and it is good to see and talk with her. You are in my prayers. Thanks for your concern.

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