Tuesday, July 02, 2013 5:15pm-11:15am CST

Dear All:

This will be short as we will head for the airport within the next 30 minutes or so. I did not get to bed until 1:15 this morning and woke up at 7. I was, however, able to go back to sleep until 8:45. Louis and Vincent were here before 10 but Jean Claude was a bit late so we headed for the wood market around 11. I got what I wanted fairly quickly and went to sit down and wait for the others. I had told them that if they needed more money to give me a call and Jean Claude called and said Rob needed some more. The boy likes to buy stuff! Afterwards we hopped into two taxis and came back to the hotel. We dumped our stuff and went down to a restaurant that had a buffet. The food was quite good, especially the ice cream! Came back and gave Vincent, Jean Claude & Louis a small amount of money for their efforts. We could not have begun to do this work without their assistance. I then visited with Louis about a couple of things and he and Jean Claude have left to do some other things and will come back in a few minutes. I will begin writing my final HOWDY tonight and write some on the plane and send on Thursday morning. The picture below is from left to right: Jean Claude, Louis and Vincent. We are all doing well and look forward to seeing our families. The boys have eaten all of their food and we pray they will not pass before our evening meal on the plane. I have decided that their parents must have to take out loans each time they go to the grocery store! Thanks for all of your prayers and I want to say once more; if possible please come to the Buckingham Road Church of Christ on Sunday evening, July 14 at 6pm.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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