Sunday, June 30, 2013 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

It was a good day although not a fruitful day. We were able to sow the seed of the Word of God into the hearts of 7 people. We pray that the end will result in souls being won for the Lord. Some reject the idea of numbers and I realize that numbers alone prove nothing. I have told the churches that I work with that we will not know the success or failure of this venture for months and even years. We were blessed to be able to share the gospel with 119 souls and 50 of them gave their lives to the Lord. We also had one backslider who came back to the Lord. Obviously only time will tell the tale. We do, however, praise the Lord for what He has been doing through us and we give Him thanks for you and the prayers you have been offering on a consistent basis.

Here is the day: as you have been able to see from my blogs, the mornings are blasé and basically the same each day. This morning was no exception. We left in the same car with Tucker and Vincent and they dropped us in Mutengene where we captured another taxi. Nothing out of the ordinary and once we got to the main road, we walked about ½ a mile to the church building. The bridge that I will mention below is the only thing that caused any concern. Makolo is an excellent song leader and we had a very pleasant worship. Rob taught the Bible class and he did a GREAT job! I was really impressed. The boy needs to think about full-time ministry. It always saddens me to see young men with the ability to serve in a full-time way that go into secular work. There is certainly nothing wrong with secular work but our best and brightest young men generally avoid full-time ministry and people like me end up with the task. I am not complaining as I love what I do but I am only mildly talented and many others could do a far superior job. This congregation is like many in Cameroon in that they have two different songbooks. The song leader will call out the number in both books and you find yours and sing. I had the sermon and afterwards had a ‘first-time’ event. I got a fist pump from Rob which is a high form of praise, at least I took it that way! At the end of the service Makolo introduced Louis, Rob and myself. With each of them he used their names but with me he said the ‘old man’. I am glad that Teresa Blaisdell was not here as I can only imagine what kind of language he would have used for that aged sister. I must admit that she looks good for 75! I had two studies in the afternoon and cannot tell if they will become God’s kids. Sometimes you can ‘read’ a person but I am not sure about either of these. Rob had one study and he said it was a good one. We then started our afternoon worship and I preached once again. Louis translated for both Rob and me (or is it I)? This time as we walked back to the road we did not take the infamous bridge. We were able to get a car that took us straight to the hotel. Linda (Louis’ wife) and Mary (Jean Claude’s wife) had been in Kumba over the weekend for a women’s seminar. They came back and will travel with us to Douala tomorrow. We all had a great supper and totally enjoyed our time of fellowship. It is fun to tease them but they throw it right back. We are presently waiting on our laundry to be returned. We have been told it is still wet but that is the way it is. In the rainy season the laundry is more difficult than in the dry. Once my laundry comes back I will be able to pack in short order as one of my boxes (that is what we call a suitcase) is already packed. We are supposed to load at 7 in the morning for our journey to Douala. It is not a long distance but the work on the bridge between Bonaberi and Douala is still slowing traffic down much.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. I can’t remember if I have told you in the past but I collect bottles from Africa and Europe. Coke, 7-UP, Sprite, Heinz Ketchup and so much more. I have added two more to my collection but I worry about what will happen when I pass. You see, my children are already starting to fight over who gets what bottles. At least I won’t have to witness it.

2. You recall that my computer got wet the other day. Well, while it is functioning the man who took out the keyboard and reseated it did not put it in flat. It still works so that is the main thing. I can’t remember if I told you but the camera doesn’t work so when I Skype Linda I can see her but she cannot see me. If you are familiar with Skype you know that there is a picture of the person until you ‘come up’. Well, the first day that Charlie Brown saw my picture and heard me talk he said: “Grandpa, your lips aren’t moving”.

3. Let me give you some more examples of how Pidgeon is small different from regular English.

    a. They use pronouns quite differently; for example oftentimes they say he when they mean she and vice

    versa. Also, in a prayer instead of saying ‘help us’ they say ‘help we’.

    b. When they read Acts 19 where Paul says ‘which baptism did you receive’ they translate with: ‘which

    baptism receive um.

4. David and Lisa (Rob’s parents) may want to keep this next one away from Cody and Emily (Rob’s little brother and sister). I was speaking to him as we were walking back today about the technological ability of young people versus those of us who are more mature. Rob said that the oldest child is always the smartest and that the younger ones are stupid. Stupid was his word!

As you can see, I have many photos today. Let me explain them:

1. Makolo and Sidoney (not sure of her spelling) Luma. He is the preacher of the Tiko Church of Christ and I think I told you in an earlier blog that he was converted on one of our first campaigns. A great Christian couple in Muleshoe, Texas sent him to school and has been supporting him. He is really doing a good job!

2. I then have a picture of Makolo climbing a Mango tree to harvest some fruit. He simply shakes the branches until the fruit falls. Rob and Tucker are very fond of Mangos; especially Rob. I think he ate 3 dozen or so today. Then you see the ladder that Makolo climbed to first get up the tree. You can see some slats (is that what they are called) missing but that is no problem.

3. There is then a picture of Rob teaching a prospect. These boys have both done sooooooooo well!

4. Then you have a ‘bridge’ we crossed this morning. Louis went first and then Rob. I was somewhat apprehensive so Louis came half way onto the bridge and escorted me over. He said he was afraid the bridge would not hold both of us but thankfully it did. There was certainly a good amount of sway as we walked.

5. The last picture is of the Tiko Church of Christ.

Well, it is time to shut down. Looking forward to Douala. Rob told me today that he is really looking forward to a shower in Douala as we have been using buckets (just as you have) for the past 4 days. I appreciate the way each of you have changed your habits regarding electricity, water and other niceties to empathize with us. We are all well and continue to thank you for your prayers. The turnaround will be fast as we travel to Douala tomorrow, have a combined service of the Douala congregations tomorrow night; go to the wood market on Tuesday morning and fly out that night. I will pump this again but if you live in or near Garland, please come to the Buckingham Road Church of Christ on Sunday evening, July 14 as we will give our report that night.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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