Friday, June 28, 2013 10:50pm-4:50pm CST

Dear All:

I am feeling well and appreciate all of your prayers and emails. Must have been a 24 hour thing. Another fruitful day with 14 Bible Studies and 6 baptisms. Here is how the day went: awoke at 7 after sleeping through the night. We have no water and don’t think we will have for the duration. The poor boy Rob was sad because he didn’t have hot water. Shall we all ‘boohoo’ with him? Not me! Tucker did the devo and did a GREAT job. As with Rob’s parents, his can be very proud of their son. Both boys are doing a magnificent job. The congregation that he was going to work with said they had zero prospects so he went with me to Tiko. Vincent and Tucker rode in the same car until we were dropped and then they went on. It is fascinating to get a taxi. You go to a driver and make a bargain or not. Vincent spoke with one driver for some time and finally they came to an agreement. When we dropped, Makolo (the preacher in Tiko) got a taxi to take us the rest of the way to the church hall. It is far off the tar road. Once we got there two prospects were waiting so Rob took one and I took the other. That was followed by a baptism and then another study. It began to rain seriously and I could barely here myself talk. Louis was interpreting for me so the main thing was for him to hear me. The afternoon was totally slow and I was able to spend some good time with Rob in discussing the authority of the Scriptures. Many in the church in America have no or little regard for the Scriptures but go on their feelings or whims. Rob is a good kid and I was blessed to be with him. There was a Coconut tree next to the church building and a guy got a ladder and climbed half-way up and then used a stick of some kind to get 4 Coconuts down. It was interesting to watch him take a Machete and cut them up. Rob had never tasted Coconut milk and he tried it. Don’t think it is his favorite and I know I don’t like it. Rob does like the Coconut. We were supposed to have an afternoon service but only the mother-in-law of the preacher showed up so we went back home. The majority of their members work on a banana plantation and they do not get off until late. It took 3 different taxis to get us back home. One took us so far and another a distance farther and a 3rd to a store I wanted to go to. First, I wanted to buy Ketchup for supper. You see, the hotels do not always have Ketchup and as it turned out, ours didn’t. Jean Claude and Louis like to tease us about eating so much Ketchup but they say we ‘drink the Ketchup’. I also bought a few food stuffs for Makolo that he could share with his family. We had a good supper and let me share our cuisine with you. Now, those of you who read my February blogs may be wetting your whistles (bet Rob and Tucker don’t know what that means) for one of my culinary delights but this was normal faire. We had ordered a couple of chickens which were cooked very well along with rice, French fries, Pineapple and Oranges. Tucker said his mom would be happy to learn that he found a fruit he liked and I am not talking about Rob! He said he really liked the Pineapple but the problem is that the Pineapple in America cannot begin to rival that of Cameroon. After supper Rob came up to my room to Skype his parents but the water from the other day must have ruined the camera on my phone as we could see them but they could not see us. Linda Skyped a while later with the same results. I have been doing various stuff for several hours and have about an hour to go.

Some Miscellaneous things:

1. I went up to Jean Claude’s room tonight and found Tucker carrying one of his suitcases down the stairs. I asked him what he was doing and he and Rob were going to watch a movie and eat from his suitcase. Note: they had eaten 20 minutes before!

2. In conjunction with the previous point; they made the mistake of asking Jean Claude if he wanted some. Well, I thing after he ransacked the suitcase that Tucker may not survive the trip!

3. Rob came down and tried to post a video to his Facebook page and was successful. It shows one of the roads we have been on and he said with a big smile: “this will cause the parents to worry”. Hey, as we were getting out of a taxi tonight Rob said something that I have known for years; these drivers are GREAT drivers.

4. Coming back from the church hall we had to walk around puddles, walk on boards that served as bridges and do our best to remain upright. In a perverse sort of way, it is kind of enjoyable. Well, maybe enjoyable is not the best term to use. That would be like saying going to the dentist is enjoyable (sorry, Jack).

5. This morning I went to Kurt’s room to ask him to bring a chair for devo and he said OK and then burped. Reminded me of his lovely wife Jean. Kurt says she is a pretty rough customer but I have always found her to be sweet, pleasant, wonderful, fantastic, marvelous and that sort of stuff. I need to stop or I may throw up again!

6. Hey, in one of the taxis I rode in today he actually had a seat belt and he asked me to wear it. I had nearly forgotten how they worked. He also had windshield washers, not wipers but washers that worked! Nearly caused me to have a heart attack.

7. This last one is so funny and I am not embellishing anything. The poor boy Rob asked me if there was any food around 1pm as he was afraid that he was about to leave this life from starvation. Louis mentioned that Rob’s metabolism was too fast and I chimed in by saying that as you get older, the metabolism slows down. I then asked Rob how much he thought Richard Blaisdell (our preacher) weighed and what I am about to tell you is the truth. He said 280 and I laughed and he said: ‘more’? Now, if he would have said Teresa weighed 280 I could buy that but not Richard. I told the others that story at the dinner table and Tucker said; ‘you should never ask a woman her age’? Not exactly sure how that fit into our discussion. These teenagers are keeping us smiling, that is, when they are not causing frowns!

I failed to get any pictures with my regular phone although I did take some video and still pictures with my IPhone. I don’t know how to attach them so I have a picture of our grandson Junior below. This was at his first birthday and I don’t know what has happened to him. He used to be so cute. Well, now he is handsome.

We are all doing well and pray for a good day tomorrow. Please continue to keep us in prayer. Louis had to return to Douala for 2 exams he must take to get his Master’s degree. He will be back tomorrow night. Rob will go with Jean Claude and Tucker as they have another translator at the church where they are at.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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