Thursday, June 27, 2013 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

You may be wondering where I have been. Well, it goes like this. The girl that cleaned my room in Kumba yesterday left the window WIDE open and it rained all over my computer. We tried to dry it out but when I brought it up I had purple lines and other lines and then a white screen and then it went dark. This morning I tried to put it on and it started to boot up but then the screen went white followed by a snowy screen. Well, we took it to a technician here in Buea and he went to a beauty parlor and borrowed a hair dryer. He took the machine apart and did his thing and now it works. I did not tell the hotel what the girl had done because Jean Claude said she would have been sacked (fired) immediately and probably put in prison. The poor girl needs her job and security more than I need a computer.

Let me try and reconstruct yesterday. Oh, we had 22 Bible studies and 11 baptisms so the current totals are 89 Bible studies, 41 baptisms and one restoration. We are thankful to the Lord for what He is doing. We are aware that the power comes from Him and not from us. I got up at 7 and did various things to get ready for devo. Louis did the devo and did a GREAT job. We all climbed machines to go to the car park and got a car as we had the previous day. Tucker and Jean Claude had a terrible day on Tuesday without a single prospect but yesterday had several and 2 baptisms. It is exciting to see the boys win souls. Rob and Vincent came down twice for two baptisms as there is no water in Small Ekombe. Rob was doing his ‘hacky sack’ thing again and kicked it to me and he was surprised that I could kick it back! I guess at my advanced age anything would surprise him.

Let me deviate for a minute and tell the parents of these two children (Rob and Tucker) need to learn to respect their elders!

1. I asked Rob how old I was and he said 70. Now, if I was in the neighborhood that would be OK but since I am 43 I took great offense!

2. Rob believes if you are 50 you are old and even said his dad is getting close to old by the way he behaves. I think I would take the truck away from him!

3. Now, Tucker is not without his problems. I was speaking to them last night and when I left the room he said that I had been using ‘old man’ language. I asked him if he understood and he said: ‘I got the gist of it’. I think his Mustang should be impounded!

4. Today I was sick on the bus and threw up. That little punk Rob pointed to the No Vomiting sign in the bus and told Vincent that I was in violation. Hey, sometimes when you puke (hey, we all do it from time to time) you have advance warning and can open the bus window or get to the toilet but this sprang on me without any advance warning. Rob is a real legalist as he believes I should be punished for violating the law.

OK, back to yesterday: We had non-stop studies and I was very pleased with the preparation. The picture on the bottom right is of a baptism in Big Ekombe. To those of you who go to the Buckingham Road Church of Christ you will notice that it looks much like the stream we baptize in behind our building. Also, our preacher strips to his underwear and does the job. Oh, the other picture is of a brother named Jerry. Some of you are aware that we have some village works in which we send out preachers on weekends to work with a given village. Jerry is one of these guys and he is doing a good job. Worship began at 4 and it was raining but then slowed up and finally stopped. Then before I left it started raining again but not hard. I fell yesterday (not on a machine, Linda) but as I was walking down the path to the road it was very muddy and rainy and my feet went flying. I showed Jean Claude my pants when he got back to the hotel and he assumed that I had fallen on a machine. He told me that he was going to email Linda but I don’t care: I am not afraid of her. Well, sometimes I am afraid of her; OK, I live in perpetual fear of my life! Can’t figger out why because I am such a nice guy. They found a car for me to ride in coming back and it was a 4-door Toyota Corolla with 4 people behind and one guy with me along with the driver up front. It is impossible to describe the taxis over here. It had one working windshield wiper that happened to be on the passenger side. These drivers have ‘cat eyes’. The windshield was foggy but we hit no one! Years ago I was in Ghana and drove a VW bug that had two working windshield wipers. The one on the driver side moved back and forth but did not touch the windshield. The one on the other side moved back and forth and covered a small amount of territory. Hey, I have learned that windshield wipers are like toilet seats; you don’t need them! When I got to the car park I climbed a machine to get back to the hotel. The church had given me some oranges, plums and pineapple. It was a big sack and the driver put it on his gas tank and off we went. Hey, I have seen these guys carry an entire house of furniture on their machines. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but not much. Got back to the hotel and when I saw my computer drenched in water I was not the happiest camper in Cameroon. Jean Claude and Louis worked to dry it out and we went down for supper. As you know; it did not work. I packed and called Linda to tell her that we would not be Skyping or blogging and she was sad. So was I! Got to bed around 11 and slept well. Got up at 6:30 as we were scheduled to leave at 7:30 and we did! It had been raining when I first woke up but fortunately the rain stopped. One time over here I had Jean Claude tell the driver that we needed a cover. Well, he brought a fish net! I am not joking. We had to help him see that that was not what we had in mind. At any rate I had severe Diarrhea this morning. I realize that you want to share in the trip and every bit of info is interesting; well, maybe interesting is not the word! On the bus I felt fine, even when I threw up. By the time we got to the hotel I needed two things: a toilet and a bed – in that order!!!!!!!!!!!! I just felt completely washed out and did something today that I have never done on a campaign; missed the meeting with the preachers. Vincent conducted it and we think we are going to have a good three days. I slept for several hours and then got up to unpack. The unpacking nearly did me in as I had to lie down again. I did not eat supper with the team tonight but have munched on some cashews, a ‘little Debbie’ and a Sprite. I am feeling better and believe that I will be fine tomorrow. Please pray that that is the case.

Several things:

1. Things are so similar here as to the States. For example, yesterday one of the sisters who was being baptized put a sack on her head to keep her hair dry. I have noticed at Buckingham Road that Wal-Mart sacks are the sack of choice!

2. Language is interesting and here when a preacher is going to say: The Bible says he says The Bible talk say.

3. The hotel is very nice but no A/C and no water. Listen; the other day I told you to turn off the tap to your sink and to remove your shower curtain. OK, things are changing. Now turn off the water to the house and have buckets to bathe in and flush the toilet. Oh, there is also no closet for clothes so put your clothes away in your closet and put what you will wear in either a suitcase or on the floor.

4. I have not had a shower in two nights because on Tuesday night the game of spades took too much of my time and last night there was no water. Now I have to take a sponge bath which is not my favorite. Fortunately, I have a pleasant odor at all times. Teresa Blaisdell and I are antithetical in that regard but I don’t have to worry about her getting upset because she has no idea of what that means! She will probably smile when she reads that but it could be gas! I will say that you never want to be downwind from Teresa. Oh, have I told you what a wonderful, beautiful, fascinating and incredible old lady Teresa is? You would never guess that she is 84; you might guess 83 but not 84! I love Richard and Teresa’s daughter Angie (well, I even kind of like Katy) and when Angie was a teen I walked up to her one night at church and said: ‘you have great girth’. She gave me a puzzled look and went on. The next time we met at church she walked up to meet and hit and I asked her why she would do such a thing and she replied: ‘my mother told me what that word meant’!

Please pray for the next 3 days. Everyone is doing fine and we appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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