Tuesday, June 25, 2013 10:30pm-4:30pm CST

Dear All:

As with all days in Cameroon, this was a GREAT one. I would not know what to do with a bad day! The Lord led us to teach the gospel to 17 precious souls and 8 of them gave their lives to the Lord. 4 of them are pictured below and their names are: Essien, Immaculate, Sharon and Samuel (starting at the upper left and going clockwise). Teresa, you will need to ask Richard what that means! Oh, I have been very restrained regarding my Chocolate and sodas. I am currently nibbling on a chocolate bar but it is the first one I have eaten since the last one. As I write it is raining outside but not hard. This is the rainy season so we are experiencing plenty of mud. Rob asked me this morning if we were going to be on a dirt road and I said no; we were going to be on a mud road.

The day began at 7 with another good night’s rest. The 3 Stooges also said they slept well. Devo was at 8 and Rob gave the talk. He did a really GREAT job. Both he and Tucker are a blessing to the team but I knew they would be from the start. Today Tucker had all of the children in Nake playing with him and following him to church. He actually had to take them outside because they were too disruptive. Yesterday Rob was playing Hacky Sack with a bunch of kids as well. The brethren are truly encouraged by these two fine young men.

Everyone except Kurt and I had breakfast downstairs this morning. Rob and Tucker had a sandwich made with 6 pieces of bread with egg and meat in between the slices. It had to be 6 inches in height and Louis said that Rob could not put the entire thing in his mouth, that is, bite off the entire 6 inch area and he was wrong. His mother would have been proud of him or something like that. Rob and Tucker rode in the front of the taxi with Tucker on the stick shift; Vincent, Jean Claude and I were in the back seat. The boys are truly seeing things they have never seen. Kurt and Louis went by themselves as they are working within a few miles of the hotel. Vincent and Rob dropped at Small Ekombe and then I dropped at Big Ekombe with Tucker and Jean Claude going on to Nake. We have 3 sections and I have divided it so that Kurt, Rob and Tucker can each work one section with Vincent, Jean Claude and Louis. I am the ‘Lone Ranger’ and work with the local preacher. At Big Ekombe we had 7 Bible studies so I was busy all day. We then had worship at 4 and had a good attendance of about 50. I then climbed a machine to go back and will write more about that below. Got back around 5:30 and Jean Claude and Tucker had just arrived. We had supper at 6 and it was great, as usual.

You need to pray for Tucker’s attitude. You see, tonight the boys invited Kurt and I to play a game of Spades which we (the old guys) won in stunning fashion. Now I must admit that Rob play about as well as his baby sister Emily. He was going Nellow and made some bonehead mistake that set them. Tucker was not too pleased. He says that he and Rachel Greer are the champs at Buckingham Road and that they regularly destroy Tom and Sam, our Youth Minister and intern. I pray that Tucker does not do bodily harm to his comrade. After all, we need to be kind to the goofy! That is why Richard is so nice to Teresa!

Louis came up to my room tonight to discuss the October campaign. It appears that I will be the only American so we have to make some adjustments. I have downloaded pictures and done a number of other things. I am fixin to Skype Linda and then take my shower. The electricity went off tonight briefly for about 5 minutes but other than that, everything has been great. I mentioned that Vincent was sore yesterday but he is fine today. Jean Claude goes to pick up his new glasses in the morning. All of us are doing well. Thanks for your prayers and emails.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

Miscellaneous items:

1. It must have been something I et tonight because I have actually turned off my A/C. It was getting so cold that I simply left my drinks out of the Fridge and they were still cold.

2. I forgot to tell you yesterday but Kurt said he may be getting Hemorrhoids. You see, he rode on the same machine with Vincent yesterday and had to ride on the grill. I know what that is like and it is not pleasant.

3. Since it has been more than 5 minutes since I wrote my last blog I don’t remember if I told you that Kurt and Vincent fell from their machine two days in a row. No one is hurt as they were going very slow and the road was just too slippery.

4. I told Linda about that last night and she threatened to ‘beat me within an inch of my life’ if I got on a machine today. That is rather fascinating to be concerned on one hand for your loved one and on the other to be causing physical harm. Now; for all of you who know Linda I have a secret but you must not tell her: I rode a machine today! Actually, all of us rode a machine to the park to get our taxi this morning but on the way back from Big Ekombe I rode and my driver was very good. Also very fast but we remained upright. Remember, this is just between you and me. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me. You would not want my death on your conscious!

5. I received an email from Tucker’s dad last night after he had read about the cold showers. He told me to tell Tucker that he (Mitch) liked cold showers and he said that Tucker would roll his eyes. Wrong dad: he said you were crazy!

6. Oh, I made a mistake the other day. Rob did not eat the head of the fish but its brain! I know that will make his mother feel much better! Rob is fairly unique as a teen in that he will not only try anything once but he wants to try stuff. I mentioned the other day that they have ‘Grasscutter’ here which is a giant rat. He wants to try one. Mom: don’t worry; he will not eat Grasscutter.

7. Brethren here are much more blunt in their language. Let me explain: yesterday I was preaching and one of the points I was making was that spiritual food is far superior to physical because physical does not last. I stated that when you eat the food digests and is no more. The preacher translated that when you eat and digest, it goes into the toilet! No one chuckled (except me) because that is how they speak.

8. Linda keeps telling me to stop saying bad things about Teresa but hey, the truth is the truth!


2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. David Foster says:

    Everyday we are looking forward to your reports. We are forwarding them on to all the family so there’s a lot of people reading them and enjoying them.

    Rob takes after me when it comes to trying new food. You should have them serve chicken and tell him it’s ‘Grasscutter’. Let him think he’s eating something exotic. It probably tastes like chicken anyway.

    We’re praying for y’all. Keep the entertaining updates coming.


    Sent from my iPhone

    • Dear David:
      It was good seeing you, Lisa and Emily tonight and I understand you got to see the infamous Jean Claude. Hey, I have a good friend in Ghana who loves Grasscutter and I did ask him what it tasted like and he said chicken. No fooling! I am not sure you can call garbage entertainment but the fluff will continue, Lord willing. I am so thankful to you, Lisa as well as Mitch and Regina for allowing your boys to come.

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