Monday, June 24, 2013 10:00pm – 4:00pm CST

Dear All:

Don’t know if this will pass or not. The internet is erratic and Jean Claude has not been able to connect. Here is the day: Got up at 7 and had everything in place. Devo was @ 8 with Vincent giving us the mini-sermon for the morning. Jean Claude led several songs (we have a book that I put together of Cameroonian choruses). This way Rob and Tucker can become familiar with many of them. Kurt, Vincent and I left at 9 and arrived at Diongo without incident. Oh, we had 23 studies and 12 baptisms today so the Lord continues to bless us with fruit. We had 7 baptisms in Diongo and they are pictured below. Africans do not smile in pictures and I failed to coax a smile out of them. This morning we did not have any prospects so I spent the time with about 15 brethren in dealing with some of their Biblical questions. This is one of the many extra blessings we have in sharing faith on our campaigns. The brethren are very eager to listen and learn. After our studies today we worshiped and the time was a blessing. They gave me an outfit that is really nice. I feel very uncomfortable receiving gifts from poor people but you cannot refuse as they are showing their love. Taxi came and picked me at about 5:15 and got back to Kumba with no problems. These roads are something else when it has rained. Actually, they are something else in rain or sun. Supper was at 7 but Jean Claude was late as he had to go to the hospital (that is how you see a doctor) because his neck has been troubling him. Somehow he lost his eyeglasses and an ophthalmologist believes that is the reason for his pain. At any rate, he has ordered some glasses and they are supposed to be here on Wednesday morning. Supper was great as usual. Rob likes to try new things so he ordered steak. The steak here is tasty but is tougher than the proverbial boot. I think he is now suffering from jaw pain! I will take my shower in cold water (like a real man) shortly. Will also try and Skype Linda.

Several things:

1. I have two weenies on this trip but I won’t divulge their names; only that they are both 17 and their initials are RF and TH but you won’t be able to get any other information out of me. At any rate; these children are afraid of cold water for a shower so they borrowed a heating element from Kurt (he uses it for coffee) so they could get some hot water. I didn’t know that I was bringing two babies!

2. Kurt and Vincent have ridden the same machine for the past two days and have fallen twice. Kurt did not get hurt either time but Vincent has a hip that is hurting him. Don’t think it is serious but remember him in prayer. After the past two days Kurt is relishing tomorrow because he is working near Kumba and will be on tar (asphalt) road most of the way.

3. As I have pointed out in past blogs (not on this trip); it is interesting to hear the terminology. For example, last night I was in my room and waiting for Jean Claude and the others to return so we could have supper. I called him to find out where they were and they were already eating. What he said was: ‘we are on the table’. In America I have climbed on our dinner table a few times and Linda always chases me down!

4. I am sure that most of you are familiar with the following saying: Every cloud has a silver lining. I have found that to be true in my life but last night I came up with my own saying (I am a deep thinker): Every silver lining has a cloud. Let me illustrate: the electricity has been on non-stop for a couple of days (a silver lining) but that means I need some long-johns to cope with the cold (a cloud)!

5. The picture on the right below is Tucker’s ‘comfort food’. Rob and Tucker said that Louis is coming down tomorrow night to select some of the stuff. I have a fear that Tucker’s comfort is fixin to go bye bye!

Many of you are falling down on the job. If I have time to put out this garbage surely you can sent a brief email. Thanks for your continued prayers. Tomorrow we all shift to 4 other congregations. We are all doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Janie Klein says:

    Have been enjoying your blogs. The last one listing all the conveniences you all do not have that we have make me feel very, very rich! May God continue to bless you and your fellow workers.

    • Indeed! I was telling Rob (one of the 17 year olds today) as we walked back in a treacherous and muddy place that Americans are spoiled brats. His mother had told me that she hoped this trip would help him better appreciate what he has. She was raised in Africa and lived the first 14 years of her life in Zimbabwe as her parents were American missionaries.
      I pray your health is better. Jerry’, too!
      Thanks for your prayers and concern.

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