Sunday, June 23, 2013 10:20pm-4:20pm CST

Dear All:

Had a great first day with 27 studies, 10 baptisms and one restoration. Please pray that the brethren will work diligently with these new babes and one day bring them to maturity. Also that the brother who was restored is serious in his repentance. My day started at 6:30 and as the Cameroonian brethren say: I slept like logs of wood. Kurt woke up at 3:30 but was able to get back to sleep. Vincent had a bad night because there is live entertainment at the hotel on Saturday night and it kept him up. They go until the wee hours, I think. I just go to sleep so I never know for sure. They sent a driver for me and Kurt & Vincent came along because their driver was over an hour late. It had rained last night and the roads were really bad. We made it to my place with no problems and then Kurt and Vincent hung around for 30 minutes or so until they could get a vehicle. Kurt said this road was a rival to the Matoh road which means it was really bad! The mud here is really sticky so when the brethren come to the church hall, they all wipe their shoes on the concrete part of the porch. Not unlike what many of us do in the States. Our service was to start at 9:00 and we promptly started at 9:50! One of the things I have stated in the past is that they really sing out. Many Americans (in my opinion) do not blast it if they are a bad singer or perceive that they are. Of course, we have our share of brethren who sing like a bird. Teresa Blaisdell is one of them if you like to hear a buzzard! We had 107 in worship this morning and the picture below is roughly 1/3 of the congregation. Had a bunch of kids as well as adults. I had 4 Bible studies and 2 of them gave their life to the Lord. Two other brethren were studying with others while I taught and both of them were baptized.

It was an adventure getting back. My driver was supposed to pick me at 5 and at 5:20 he was in Kumba or roughly an hour away. The brethren were afraid to put me on a machine because the roads were so slippery. After waiting a few minutes a 9 passenger bus came by and I was able to ride it, along with my other 18 companions. It was not a unique experience for me but I wish Rob and Tucker had been with us and then we would have had a total of 21 in our 9 passenger vehicle. Why, if Kurt, Vincent, Jean Claude and Louis were with me we could have gotten 25 into our 9 passenger vehicle. Once in Ghana we got 39 into a 15 passenger bus.

Tucker worked with Louis and Rob worked with Jean Claude. They both said that the boys did an excellent job and were even a bit surprised at how well they did because of their age. Their parents can truly be proud! Kurt, of course, always does a GREAT job and it is always a blessing to have him on a campaign.

For those of you who have been reading my blogs for some time, you are aware that I have mastered the art of redundancy. For all I know, I have used that line in the past. Well, I am aware that you are with us in thought and prayer and that you wish you could have a greater part in this work. I realize that many of you would like to come but are hindered by age or health or finances or time or other things. I am going to help you participate in a greater way so you need to do the following:

1. Remove your toilet seats from your commodes. You will discover two serendipities (Teresa; you can ask Ricardo what that means). 1) You will discover that you don’t need them. 2) The husbands will no longer get in trouble for keeping the lid up! Personally, I have never understood why it is the husband’s duty. Why shouldn’t the wives keep the lid up! My intellectual ability is something to be admired.

2. Remove your nice towels and put up the crummiest ones you have. If you only have nice ones find someone with crummy ones.

3. Go buy the cheapest toilet paper you can find.

4. Turn off the hot water. You only think you need hot water to shower with.

5. Turn off the water to the tap in the bathroom.

6. Remove your shower curtain or door. Be sure that the water from your shower runs out on the floor by the commode.

7. Either turn your thermostat to 60 (in which case you are not allowed to wear a jacket or long sleeved shirt) or off.

8. Three times during the day turn your electricity off: once for only 5 minutes; once for 15 minutes and once for 2 hours.

9. Put only a sheet on your bed and nothing else. Oh, the sheet can only cover 2/3s of the bed.

10. Take 7 days’ worth of stuff (clothes, toiletries, food, etc) and put in two suitcases and live out of them.

11. Call your cable or satellite company and tell them to only give you programs in French.

I am sure that after you do these things you will feel much better. Won’t get to bed early tonight because I still have to call or Skype Linda. Also other stuff to do plus my wonderful cold shower! Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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