Saturday, June 22, 2013 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

We have officially arrived in Africa! The power has already went out on us twice. Let’s go back to the beginning of the day. Got up at 6:30 after a good night’s rest. The three stooges (that would be Kurt, Rob and Tucker) also slept well. The bus was about 30 minutes late because they are working on the road from where Jean Claude was coming with the bus. Was slightly raining when we left and only had a couple of minor showers on the way. In Buea we stopped at a fruit stand and the boys went wild! They got pineapple, coconut, mango, watermelon, oranges, bananas, apples, grapes and some WD-40 to help it all go down smoothly. We picked Vincent in Muyuka and saw his lovely wife Patricia and his youngest son Zuriel. We then had only a 45 minute ride to Kumba. We first went to a grocery store primarily to do two things: buy drinking water for the next 5 days and allow Vincent to buy some things. Got to the hotel and this is not Douala. Hey, it is a nice hotel with refrigerators (some of which work), A/Cs (most of which work), lights (some of which work), toilets (with no seats), phones (which never work) and hot water heaters (some of which work)! The main things are that my A/C is fine and my Fridge is great! The A/C has no thermostat (unlike the ones in Douala) so you either deal with the cold or burn up and I prefer to deal with the cold. I have already had to pull a Coke Zero (yes, they have Coke Zero) out of my freezer because it had too much ice. It took a while to get settled and unpacked but the job was accomplished. We met the preachers at 3 and they were on time which was a big surprise. The picture on the left below is of those who came to the meeting. We simply lay out the next four days for the churches we will work with. Rob and Tucker were excited about being able to ride a machine on the road to Matoh but their excitement was crushed. You see, the road is so bad that only a 4-wheel drive truck can make it so that is how they will travel for the next 2 days. After the meeting I had 3 meetings: 1) With a brother named Solomon. We have 6 village works and Solomon coordinates 2 of them. He wanted to get some extra transport money to go and look at the works to report back. 2) To a brother named Henry who works with the Munyenge Church of Christ which is one of our village works. I had asked him to come so I could find out how the work was progressing. 3) A brother named Denis (pictured below) who preaches in Matoh. There are some in the States who would like to buy Denis a farm so that he could support himself. The idea is to loan him the money and have him pay it back over a number of years. The initial cost would be about $10,000 and it would take him about 10 years to pay it off. We will see if it comes to fruition. This young man is one of the hardest working preachers I know and he preaches part-time. His congregation is in a village and yet is the 3rd or 4th largest congregation in the country.

We then ate supper @ 6 and it was great! Came up to my room and that is when #4 below took place. Rob did show me how to move pictures from my IPhone to my computer. Some interesting (or not) thoughts:

1. On the road we were talking about the fact that Louis had steadfastly said he was only going to have his two girls when #3 showed up. Jean Claude was teasing him and said that he was going to have 4 or 5 more chapters (kids) in his book. Louis retorted by saying the book is closed and the last chapter has been written. We will see.

2. I was doing a minor thing on the computer and Rob thought that I needed up. The kid thinks I can’t even spell tecknologee but I’ve got news for him; I can!

3. I don’t remember the context but tonight Tucker stated that he still had over ½ of the food he brought but when you have a suitcase full of food and it was in the cargo hold of the plane for 2 days and you have only had access to it for roughly 48 hours that ain’t much to brag about! How do you like that for a run-on sentence? Rob’s mom is a school teacher and I am sure she is proud of my way with words!

4. Tonight I was visiting with Vincent and Jean Claude came in with a distressed look. His new computer would not come on either by battery or cord. Well, I called Charles Smith who is my computer guru and he told me to take the battery out but I couldn’t find where it came out at. I don’t think you are supposed to end a sentence with ‘at’ but, oh well. I called Tucker and Rob and they prodded and looked and spoke with Charles all to no avail. Finally we hung up and I had the bright idea of taking a paper clip and hitting the reset button and it worked! I am truly a tecknologial wonder!

5. I am working with a modem and as I write, I cannot connect. Hopefully you will receive this and other blogs each day. Verizon Fios has me spoiled!

6. Rob is willing to try and eat anything. Today he had a snail (which he liked) and a fish (head and all). He tried to get Tucker to try the head but Tucker is more like my wife. If ‘picky eater’ were one word there would be a picture of my gorgeous wife next to the ‘word’.

I am ready to jump in the shower and see if I can handle the temperature. Should get to bed at a good hour. Thanks for your continued prayers and emails. We are all healthy and looking forward to the morning.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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