Wednesday, June 19, 2013 4:15pm -3:15pm CST

Dear All:

Got up at 6 this morning and Kurt and Jean picked me at the house at 8:30. Mitch (Tucker’s dad) took Tucker and Rob to the airport. We met at 9:30 and checked in with no problems. They now have you tag your own luggage. We played 3 hands of spades while waiting to board and got off on schedule. We have been flying for about 2 hours and will land in Boston in the next hour or so. 2 hour layover and then a 7 hour flight to Paris. Will write more in either Boston or on the next leg of the journey. Oh, the darling little girl below is my daughter-in-law’s sister, Amanda. Between her and Jennifer they take care of my software problems/questions. Amanda is one of the sweetest, intelligent, beautiful, fantastic, smart & wonderful girls on the face of the earth!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:20pm-8:20pm CST

Landed safely in Boston. We came in at C35 and went out of C33 so had basically no walk to the gate. Flight was on schedule. While we were at the airport in Boston Tucker and Rob went to get something to eat. I think they need to eat about 12 meals a day. Tucker has one entire suitcase of nothing but food! I brought a few things of food but know where to go if I want a snack! The boys both blame their moms with stashing so much food! I have a problem; on April 9 I had surgery at Baylor Hospital in Dallas and that evening had a gourmet meal (that is all they have in hospitals). Well, I just finished a gourmet meal on the plane. The dilemma is trying to figger out which of the two is the greatest meal! It is difficult to put airplane food over hospital food or vice versa. Rob and Tucker were very pleased with their meal as was Kurt. I am going to try and get some sleep. We are scheduled to land at 7:45am Paris time and then leave for Douala at 11:00am. It takes a while to navigate around the Paris airport so the time will go fairly quickly. They will feed us breakfast on the plane and then I imagine Rob and Tucker will get something at the airport. I was able to Skype Linda along with our grandkids, Junior & Alex and Charlie Brown.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 9:30am-2:30am CST

We landed safely in Paris. Flight had more turbulence than usual. Actually, we generally have little turbulence but there was a lady sitting next to Kurt and she was grabbing his arm at times. Don’t worry Jean! I got about an hour of sleep; Kurt got about the same; Tucker got none and Rob got quite a bit because he took Benadryl. When we got off the plane we walked and walked and walked until we finally got where the bus was to take us to the correct terminal. We are flying out of Terminal E but when we got there we discovered that there is E/L, E/K and E/M. Well, E/L was the first place so we went there and of course, our flight was not flying out of there. We then went to E/M and guess what, no flight. Finally found E/K and that was the place. We got plenty of exercise walking around the joint. Got our boarding passes and are waiting to fly out at 11:00 with a scheduled landing of 4:25. There is one hour difference between Paris and Douala. You will notice above that there is 7 hours between Paris and Dallas but 6 between Douala and Dallas.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 2:10pm-8:10am CST

Rob and Tucker are having a good time. This is the first time for Tucker to fly. Well, he did fly when he was a few weeks old but that doesn’t count. Rob has been messing with his mind by saying things like: ‘I have never heard that sound’. He told me yesterday that he was going to try and scare Tucker. What a friend! We boarded a little late and then waited for about an hour before we left the gate. I can’t remember a time when this flight was close to being on schedule. We have made up some time, however, as we are supposed to land about 30 minutes late at 5:05pm. I woke up about 26 hours ago and have gotten 3-4 hours of sleep since then. I have tried to sleep on this journey and have had limited success. I plan to sleep in till about 8am tomorrow morning and will be on schedule. I have never had jet lag and acclimate quickly to the time difference. I will probably type something tonight and then send. Hopefully, you will receive a blog each day. If you have any masochistic friends you can give them the directions as to how to receive this email. Ditto if you are a sadist! Oh, I got worried about Rob and Tucker. They didn’t have any lunch! I felt Rob’s head for fever but he laughed and said that they were full from the earlier stuff they ate! Thanks for your prayers.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 11:20pm-5:20pm CST

I am always thinking when I get here that I will get to bed at an early hour. Har, har, har. Har, har hardy har har! Why is my spellchecker going crazy? Landed a little after 5 and got off with no problems. Customs is always slow but that is fine because the baggage is even slower. We went out and started looking for the bags and looked and looked and looked. I worked up a serious sweat. Well, they finally all showed. Tucker’s first bag was what he refers to as his ‘comfort bag’. That is the one with all the food. Talk about comfort; I bought some Keebler Cinnamon Roll cookies and they are providing a high level of comfort! Jean Claude, his wife Mary and Linda Bassay met us at the airport. Louis is finishing up having the Chicken Pox. We will see him tomorrow. His ‘contagious stage’ has now passed. Got to the hotel with no problems and everything is fine. Cold Coke Lights and good A/C. Kurt, Tucker, Rob, Jean Claude, Mary, Linda and Cyprian (a member at Jean Claude’s congregation who came and met us at the hotel) went across the street to eat. I had too much work to do plus I had brought some Tuna so I didn’t starve. I have been able to Skype Linda and the boys both called their moms. Kurt has been texting with Jean so all bases have been covered. Jean Claude mentioned that he saw Kurt and I on Facebook as Jean had posted one or two pictures she took when she dumped us at the airport. I have caught up with my emails and will take a shower and hopefully be in bed by midnight. Tomorrow will be a rather peaceful day and then we travel on Saturday. Thanks for your continued prayers. Oh, I have ‘somewhat high speed’ internet here but that will change on Saturday. I appreciate those of you who have emailed me. Remember, it is easier for me if you email rather than respond on the blog page. My email is

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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