Pre- Campaign HOWDY

Sunday, June 09, 2013 8:00pm-8:00pm CST

Dear All:

Well, it is almost time to embark on another journey to Cameroon. Lord willing, this will be my 68th trip to Africa since 1988. When I made my first trip I was a local preacher and figured after that journey that I would make one trip per year and remain in local work. Well, the Lord had other plans and there is no way that I could have envisioned what has transpired over these 25 years. At any rate, the Lord has truly blessed me. Kurt Simmons, Rob Foster and Tucker Harding will join me on this journey and I know you will keep all of us in prayer and for that, we are thankful. In subsequent ‘howdys’ I will say more about the team. Our plan, with the help of the Lord, is to work with 12 congregations in both evangelization and encouraging our Cameroonian brethren. My plan will be to send the first howdy from Douala on Thursday night. After that time I will be able to post some ‘African’ pictures but for now you will have to look at my beautiful daughter-in-law (Jennifer) and her beautiful daughter (Alex). This picture was taken at an awards ceremony last week when both Alex and her brother Junior collected straight A’s for the year. Since it would be bragging to speak of such things, I won’t mention it again. Thanks for your prayers and feel free to email me at That is actually the best way to send rather than responding to the blog. Many of you know that I had Transesophageal Echo, Electrophysiology study & Ablation surgery in April and I am doing fine. I can’t actually spell or pronounce that stuff but I had it written down so I just did a ‘cut and paste’. Oh, did I tell you that Junior and Alex made straight A’s?

In Christ,
Jim Corner


2 Responses to Pre- Campaign HOWDY

  1. Paul W. Wharton says:

    Congratulations and God speed on the trip! May you continue to be blessed and God’s plan for mankind to spread throughout Cameroon.
    Paul W.

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