Wednesday, February 27, 2013 7:45pm-12:45pm CST

Dear All:

This FINAL HOWDY will be written in a number of installments. We left the hotel around 5:30 and it is only a 15 minute drive to the airport. We were able to immediately enter and within 5 minutes we were able to check-in. After you get your boarding pass you pay your airport tax which is 10,000 ($21.74). You then go through customs and then through a metal detector. We then walked down to the gate and waited for about an hour or so. Then they herded us over to another ‘holding area’ where they checked our bags one more time. It is nice and cool in here and we have about 3 hours before we are scheduled to depart. I will start working on my report of the trip and then work on the PowerPoint Presentation on the flight from Paris to Dallas. The picture below was taken by Louis in our hotel room this afternoon. During the entire seminar we had not taken a picture of the 3 of us.

I want to write a few things that will be duplicated in my trip report. . As many of you know, over 10 years ago I established the Cameroon Mission Fund. This fund is used for many purposes: preacher support, roofing church buildings, tracts, Bibles, women’s seminars, village preachers, seminar support, working funds for preachers and much more. Over the past few years we have lost over $300 in regular monthly support for this effort. Our intention is never to ‘bank’ a large amount of money and at the present time we have a little over $2,500 but that money will be spent soon. We support 9 Christian sisters who go out on weekends to teach village sisters how to teach children. We will spend $820 within the next 3 months on this work and that comes out of the $2,500 mentioned earlier. We also support 6 village works in which we pay preachers to go out on weekends and work with villages to strengthen them. Between now and May we will spend about $730 on this effort. If you are familiar with simple math you can already see that over half of the money is already spoken for. My faith, however, is in the Lord and He has always used faithful vessels such as you to keep this ministry going. Jean Claude leads a ministry called the Soul Saving Ministry and he had to slow that work when his wife got tragically sick and died about a year ago. This is a ministry in which 10 brethren (7 men and 3 sisters) go to work with a local congregation for 1 week. The expense varies depending on the distance as transportation plays a big role in the cost. At the present time we will struggle to fund as much as one SSM effort but could do so if more contributions came in. We are working on some new Bible school curriculum for children and it will also cost money as we want to print enough material for the majority of the 210 congregations in the country. There are churches who are pleading for help with their roofs but the money is not there. You can easily see that we need help and if you can do so, please make a check payable to the Buckingham Road Church of Christ – CMF and mail to:

Buckingham Road Church of Christ

Attn: Jim Corner

3630 Buckingham Road

Garland, TX 75042

Please put Cameroon Work under memo and if you have a specific place you want the money to go; please note that on the memo line.

If you have been reading my blogs and trip reports over the years you may think that the words: the trip went well flow off of my tongue with no thought. Such is not the case. The reality is that the Lord continues to bless each effort that we are making to strengthen the church in Cameroon. I was talking with Louis this afternoon and spoke of the mission I had in my class on Romans over the past 3 years: (1) Explain the text correctly (2) Make proper application for us (3) Stimulate the brethren to develop their ability to think. When you look at the book of Romans there are many parts that are very easy to understand and are quite straight forward. However, you have parts of chapter 7, chapters 9-11, parts of 13 and 14 that are difficult for the Cameroonian because of preconceived ideas. I have always maintained that my mission is not to make Jim Corner clones or to have everyone parrot what I say and think. Louis was telling me (as have others) that much progress has been made because of the seminars in this area. It is because of dedicated teachers such as Louise and Terry plus Richard & Lori Sutton, Richard & Teresa Blaisdell, Terry and Vonda Smith, Virgil Butler and many others that these seminars have been so beneficial. My request of you is to continue to keep the church in Cameroon in your prayers. There is still so much to be done to bring the church to maturity.


Thursday, February 28, 2013 7:45am-12:45am CST


Well, we are in Paris. Flight was smooth and ahead of schedule. It was good to get a great meal under my belt. I worked on a class I will be teaching in March, April and May at my congregation. Slept a couple of hours and did a little reading. Things went very smoothly once we landed. Had to go through security and then take a bus to our terminal. We are at the gate and will get our boarding passes when an attendant comes. That will not be anytime soon as we do not fly out until 11:30am. Terry found a place to sleep and Louise has gone to the can. In a bit I will go and get something for my lovely wife. Can’t Skype her because of no internet; of course, since it is 12:45am in Garland I am not sure that she would be overly pleased to see or talk with me right now. Will work some on the computer and basically try to kill 4 ¾ hours.


Thursday, February 28, 2013 12:10pm-7:10pm CST


I am estimating that we have crossed two time zones. We are still 7+ hours from touchdown in Dallas. Louise then has a 2+ hour layover and will land in Lubbock at 7:30 tonight, Lord willing. We had a marvelous lunch and are just waiting for touchdown. I will see Linda in roughly 32,000 seconds! Dean or Bapp are going to pick us at the airport.


Let me make some observations of this trip:

1. The Lord truly blessed us from a physical point of view. While we realize that electricity and hot water are not essential to life we still thank Him for blessing us. We all were healthy from start to finish as was Jean Claude and for that we are grateful.

2. The seminar was a success by every measure. The brethren were well pleased as were we. Obviously, the true value of this seminar, as with all others, will be measured in years and changed behavior.

3. I feel very good about the future of the church in Cameroon. The nature of the culture is that the older brethren are locked into their way of thinking and dynamite cannot change that. I am looking at the next two generations as the ones that will make a long-term impact.

4. I have already mentioned the work that the sisters are doing regarding the work with the village sisters and it is very encouraging. We also are working with 6 villages in promoting their growth. Our ultimate goal with these works are the children. A village in Cameroon is no different from a small town in America in this way: the town itself is declining in population and the church is following suit. Our view with the village work lies in the hands of the children who will one day be the leaders of the church. On this trip we were able to interact with both the village sisters and the brothers who are working in the villages. The work they do requires great sacrifice and it is a blessing to see their faith.


Friday, March 01, 2013 2:15pm-2:15 CST


Well, we are home! Dean AND Bapp picked us up along with their 3 boys. When the grandkids saw me they ran and hugged me (what a GREAT feeling). We cleared Customs with no problems and our bags were there by the time we got to the conveyor belt. Said goodbye to Louise and headed home. It was good to see Linda and Charlie Brown. This truly was a blessed journey and I will never be able to thank you enough. Now it is time to get caught up so please pray for me! If you are in the Garland area, please make an effort to come to Buckingham Road @ 6:00pm on Sunday, March 10 as Terry and I will give our report.


In Christ,

Jim Corner


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  1. mbaker3014 says:


    Glad to hear that “the trip went well”. I’ve been reading your reports during your trip. Glad to know you made it home safely too. I travel enough to know that it’s always great to be back home.


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