Tuesday, February 26, 2013 11:25pm-4:25pm CST

Dear All:

As you can see from below; I am out of Cameroon pictures. This is 16 years old but still a nice one!

Got a great night’s rest as I did not wake up until 9:15. I wish I could do that tomorrow but my history on a travel day is I wake up early and can’t get back to sleep. Once my mind gets to working I have trouble shutting it down. While I am thinking about it I may or may not send a blog tomorrow. If not, I will send the final one on Friday. There is always a ton of miscellaneous stuff to do on the last day or two and this was no exception. If I had a better memory I could share more interesting stuff instead of the ‘fluff’ I send. Louis came over around 11 and I called Jean Claude to see where he was. He was stuck in traffic ‘on the bridge’. This is a 2 lane (one each way) bridge that connects Douala with Bonaberi. Picture a bridge around 635 that connects Dallas and Richardson and it is only 2 lanes! Why he was in a taxi is beyond me. I would never take taxis in Douala unless I positively had to. I told Louis that 2 weeks ago when I was going to come back from Mambanda on a machine that they wanted me to take a taxi. After I insisted they finally gave in. He said that few people of my young age travel on machines. Actually he did not use the word ‘young’ which was very disrespectful. While I am thinking about it; pray that my computer makes it all the way back to Garland. I have probably had 12-15 times where a ‘crash dump’ was fixin to take place by Microsoft. I don’t know what that is but it can’t be good. Back to lunch; we told Jean Claude that we would meet him at the burger joint and we arrived about the same time. Louis had shiskabobs (my spell checker won’t give me a correct spelling) but it was chicken instead of beef. Looked good! We came back to the hotel and had a discussion regarding the work in Ebolowa. We need to make a decision on the preachers there within this year. The church has not grown and Jean Claude will probably go down there next month to see what the problems are. Please pray for this church. After Louis and Jean Claude left I got to packing. I keep a number of things here that have no need to see America. For example, I have a portable printer and I never need it in the States. Louise came down and did some work on my computer and while she did that I went down and visited with Terry. These trips are so time consuming that I do not have nearly the time to just visit with my comrades. Terry and Louise have done a great job. At about 6 we had supper in Louise’s room. I had a cheese and spam sandwich and it was very tasty. I must confess, however, that I am licking my chops looking forward to a great airplane meal tomorrow night! Louise had bought a watermelon on Saturday and her fridge is so cold that it was partially frozen and it had only been in the fridge and not the freezer. I came back down to my room and have been working on getting ready to depart tomorrow. One of the things I can now do is print our boarding passes from the hotel. My hot water still doesn’t work (can’t remember if I mentioned that yesterday or not) but everything is OK. I am fixin to Skype Linda and will then go to bed.

A couple of things:

1. Louise had some extra Coke Lights so we took them down to the restaurant to save the cost of a Coke. I mentioned her fridge above and 10 is the coldest setting and she had it on 4. Well, the Coke Light she gave Terry had a bunch of ice in it and at the restaurant he tried every 5 minutes to open it but it kept fizzing. He never got to enjoy it but we figger it will be ready to drink by next Monday!

2. I had told you that Terry and Louise were doing fine but I am beginning to think they are both sick with the chills. You see, when I go into either of their rooms it is so warm that I am sure they are balancing out their problem.

We have had a great trip and you are a big reason for that.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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  1. Dean says:

    Awwwww, a cute picture of Michael and Jennifer.

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