Monday, February 25, 2013 11:55pm-4:55pm CST

Dear All:

Getting a late start on the blog because of our meeting tonight. Will get to that in a minute. I got to bed this morning at about 12:40am but was able to sleep till nearly 8. The power goes off many times in Douala but the hotel has a big generator (or maybe many) so we never know. Louis and Linda came over @9:45 and I nearly suffered a fatal heart attack. You see, they were not supposed to be here until 10. I told Louis that he had caused me great harm and he asked for a knife and said he would do surgery on my heart. I may not be the smartest guy in the world but I am not Teresa Blaisdell! We brought Terry into the discussion regarding where we are headed with the children’s curriculum. I basically stayed out of the way as kid classes are not my field of expertise. Not sure that I have a field of expertise but I know it ain’t that! Jean Claude was out with his fiancé buying this and that. He finally found a large goat which costs about $140. The young man is going to be broke before he gets started. Usually it takes a year or two for a woman to break a man. Terry, Louise, Louis, Linda and I took a taxi to a hamburger joint for lunch. Enjoyed our time together and realize that that time is drawing to a close. We then went to the wood market and bought some stuff. It is enjoyable to joust with the sellers. They always start with a really high price and then you negotiate. Actually, once I hear their price I calculate what I am willing to pay and don’t move off that mark. Got back and we went to the store to buy some water (did get some chocolate as well) and then Louise and I walked to a nearby bakery to buy some bread. The bread is really good and costs 27 cents for a 12″ ‘Subway’ shaped piece of bread. We also Skyped Linda so she could see Louis and Linda. Later I Skyped her again so she could see Jean Claude and once I finish this blog, I will Skype her again. Got back and Terry and I went over the agenda for our meeting tonight. The picture on the left below are those brethren in the meeting. I may have told you about the print shop but I can’t remember 5 minutes ago so I will give you a brief synopsis: our plan is to put a print shop in at Jean Claude’s congregation. They would build a second floor where the church would meet. Printed literature is so valuable over here that we believe it would be of great benefit to the Kingdom. They would secure a printer who would run the business for profit but stipulate that a certain number of hours each month would be donated for the printing of tracts, WBS material, church curriculum and any other church related matters. We are going to fund the setup which we calculate to be about $30,000 but they will be on their own after that. We will pay for paper and ink for a limited amount of things but most of the expense will be borne by the Cameroonians. We want this to be their shop and not ours. Our request is that God will lead us to make a correct decision. Oh, we took machines to the meeting and once again were reminded of how superior they are to taxis. It took us 15 minutes and Terry estimated by taxi it would have been 90 minutes. I am not sure it would have taken that long but it definitely would have taken much longer. When we got back to the hotel we went down to Terry’s room and had a cheese sandwich that was quite nice. Louise had already eaten so she only ate some Pineapple that she bought the other day. I then came back to my room and I have not had any hot water all day. I took a cold bath but the water was not all that cold.

A couple of things:

1. I rode with Daniel tonight and he was wearing a Toboggan and gloves! It was at least 90 degrees!

2. I tell you this on each trip but the speed of the internet really makes you appreciate the high speed we have at home. The wireless in the hotel is no faster than the modem I use in Kumba.

Tomorrow will be a day to get everything in order as we leave on Wednesday. We continue to do well and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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