Saturday, February 23, 2013 8:30pm-1:30pm CST

Dear All:

We have made it safely to Douala. Terry noted when we were going to lunch we had landed at the Hilton. While the hotel in Kumba was very nice, this place is so much nicer. We know we will have hot water, a thermostat on the A/C that works and basically everything in operating condition. We were planning on loading at 7:30 and leaving by 8 but we actually pulled out of the hotel at 7:26. The road to Douala is very nice and the traffic is light on Saturday. We stopped and picked up Jean Claude’s fiancé in Buea as she was going to a family meeting near Douala. Once we dumped her we then went to Bonaberi to drop our laundry with Linda and also to drop Jean Claude’s stuff with Martin to carry his stuff to Jean Claude’s house. I am very unhappy with myself because I did not think to get a picture to post. I took a video but you would not believe all of the stuff that Martin got on his machine. When he started getting the stuff out Terry said he could not carry it all. I said just wait and see. Oh, the two signs below were posted inside the van we rode today and are common signs. I have stated this before with previous groups but we took a vote and agreed that if someone had to vomit they could send their head outside. We pledged to each other that we would not report a violator to the Police! Shortly after we got to the hotel we walked down to the nearest grocery store for water and more important things such as candy and Coke Light. We then went across the street to get lunch. It takes forever to receive your order. We waited about 50 minutes but the food was good. Terry and Louise both had Spaghetti and they said it was the best they had had on the trip. We then went down to a bakery to buy some bread and Terry saw some ice cream so he and Louise got some. I refrained as I try to eat a healthy diet. I spent the afternoon unpacking and doing some miscellaneous stuff. Oh, I went to take a shower but the curtain was gone so I took a bath. Last night there was no water and it did not come on till this morning. The electricity also went out and Louise failed to follow my instructions: always keep your A/C on in case the power goes off. She did not listen so she got hot during the night. Neither she nor Terry slept well. It also rained quite a bit last night. Back to the day: I Skyped Linda as I knew I had to get her early as she is going shopping with her sister and a friend from church. I didn’t even mention that she needed to have ‘tunnel vision’ as I knew it would do no good. She will focus on EVERYTHING! Oh, she took me up on what I said the other day and shaved her head. She could not, of course, grow a beard but she bought a fake one. She does look quite nice! Terry and I went down to Louise’s room and she made Egg Salad for her and Terry. I ate a Kit Kat because I prefer to eat food that has the one basic food group: chocolate. I understand that a ‘group’ consists of more than one but it also has caramel! I am fixin to copy some evaluation forms and to go over my class for tomorrow. I will take the adult Bible class and Terry will have the sermon. It is always a great time of worship and fellowship. We are all doing well and continue to thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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