Wednesday, February 20, 2013 10:10pm-3:10pm CST

Dear All:

It is late so I will get right to it. Had another good day as the attendance went up slightly. Terry’s class had 113 which was actually 3 more than last year on this day. Louise had 89 compared to 96 last year and I had 158 compared to 174. We are all pleased with the way our classes are going. I slept until 7:15 and had a good night’s rest. Louise slept well and I forgot to ask Terry. We ordered our supper this morning and then it was off to the hall. We got there and started singing and shortly after Terry’s class I had to go and get copies made. I know the town well and can get around with no problems. Jean Claude had me go back to the hotel to fetch a ream of paper and some more seminar books. I am the gopher for everyone. I also had meetings at both of the morning breaks with two of the brothers who work in two of the villages. I never have enough time to visit with everyone as there is just too much to accomplish. I met at 12:30 with Louise and some of the sisters who do the weekend seminars. It went well and we discovered a few things we need to work on. Terry had already gone back to the hotel and Louise and I did after the meeting. Only had about 90 minutes but was able to get a lot of work done. There is no time for rest but that is the way I like it. My class went well and we finished at about 5:45. Let me explain the 3 pictures below; the middle one is of the water that we are buying for the brethren each day. Jean Claude said they are so thankful. The one on the right is of 6 who were baptized today. It had nothing to do with the seminar but they live in a village where there is no water in the dry season and they have to come to Kumba. The one on the right is a picture of a dear brother named Offiong Inyang. He had a stroke about 4 years ago and is limited in his mobility. He came up and said a few words to the new converts and then prayed over them. When Linda and I were here in 2008 he preached the best sermon I have ever heard from the mouth of any Cameroonian. We got home at about 6:15 and had supper at 6:30. It was good as it always is. Not as good as airplane and hospital food and certainly not as good as my cooking but they hold their own. I was able to Skype Linda and she is doing well and looks GREAT as always. She could shave her head and grow a beard and still be beautiful! I am fixin to check and see if the water is on and if it is, I will take a nice cold shower and then come back and do some more work. No time for Walker or Rockford tonight.

A few things:

1. I can’t believe it but I am actually turning off my A/C at night. Not for the whole night but it is getting quite chilly in here. Thought you would like to know of my suffering.

2. Another common thread between our two countries; I know that when you shower you soap one arm and rinse and then the other arm and rinse, etc. The reason is because you never know when the water will go off. I know that in Garland we have this problem on a consistent basis. There is a blessing in all of this because it helps your prayer life: especially when your head and beard are all soaped up. It is at that time that you pray fervently: “oh, Lord, please do not let the water go off at this time”!

3. For a few nights there has been a rooster that has troubled Terry as he was trying to sleep. This rooster evidently believes he switches time zones each hour as he is always making noise. Two nights ago Terry had chicken for supper and he said that he was hopeful that it was that rooster!

We all continue to do well and solicit your constant prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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