Monday, February 18, 2013 8:20pm-1:20pm CST

Dear All:

Companies are always coming out with ‘new and better improved’ products. Have you ever wondered why in the past they didn’t say: ‘this product is sorry and needs improvement’? Now what does that have to do with a blog regarding the seminar? Well, I am a preacher and I can make ANYTHING fit! Every year I tell you that the seminar is great but that is simply the truth. We had a great first day today in Kumba and I am sure that I wrote the same thing last year. The reality is that I never could have written: ‘this seminar stinks’ because Revelation 21:6 says that liars go to hell and I would just as soon avoid that place. Attendance is slightly down the first day from last year and I am glad. Don’t adjust your bifocals as you read correctly. Last year we had the largest attendance ever but it was because one energetic young preacher ‘pumped’ the seminar every time he could and we ended up with some participants who were not leaders or leader material. The men’s class was 95 compared to 103 in 2012. The sisters were 56 compared to 67 last year and my class was 119 as opposed to 163.

Got up at 6:30 and did usual prep for the day. We ordered our supper this morning and then left at about 8:10. We just took a machine apiece and arrived with no problems. Not a lot of people there when we arrived but over the course of the morning it picked up. I had to go down and make some copies for Terry’s class but was in for most of it. We left at noon for the hotel and took Lucy Bechem with us. She interpreted for Louise this morning and has worked with us in the past. My wife had gotten her a necklace and earrings and she was very happy. I had made copies of the photos from this last October when she worked with us and she was exceedingly glad to see them. Louise came down and did some work on the computer and I did some other stuff. Not all that exciting. Left at 2:20 for the hall and my class went well. Took machines back and ate in the hotel restaurant. Food is always good. I am incredibly tired and think I am going to get in bed real early. We have not water so a shower is out of the picture. Fortunately for me I am a slob so I will do well.

Some miscellaneous things:

1. The fluctuation of the current is fascinating. I had a bottle of water in the freezer all night and this morning, while it was cold, it was not frozen. This morning I placed a bottle of water in the freezer and it was already nearly solid ice by noon. That is also why I do not turn off my A/C even if I am cold. I was tempted last night to turn off the A/C because I had been very cold the night before. Fortunately, I did not succumb to the temptation because it did not get cold last night.

2. Jean Claude was making some announcements this afternoon and was trying to encourage the brethren to turn off their cell phones during class. His exact words were: Don’t allow your phone to sing.

3. I rode on a machine today to make the copies. After the Matoh road yesterday this was so easy I could have taken a nap.

4. Oh, I can’t remember if I told you but the Skype is clearer here than it was in Douala.

5. I have shared with you some commonality of Cameroon and the States and here is another; when I am in America I put a bottle of water in the freezer so the next morning it will stay cold for some time as I go out. I am sure you do the same.

6. Oh, I had mentioned that Linda had the toilet seats removed when she came back from the States and she reminded me that she also turned off the water and we fill the commode tank with a bucket.

7. When I was a boy we had a 10,000 BTU A/C and it was so good to stand in front of one a hot day. Well, when I got back from the morning session I stood in front of my A/C and it brought back boyhood memories.

8. Another announcement that Jean Claude made had to do with the toilet situation. I will not relay some of the more indelicate things he said but one thing that can be repeated is this: the toilet is not for reading. I guess there had been a few people who were homesteading.

9. I took no pictures today but found the following one. It is of our son Michael, his wife Jennifer and their children, Junior and Alex. I am guessing it is 4 years old. They are still all cute.

We continue to do well and appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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