Friday, February 15, 2013 10:35pm-3:35pm CST

Dear All:

Well, ½ of the seminar has concluded. The attendance today was 44 men as opposed to 48 last year; 39 women as opposed to 49 last year and only 38 in the afternoon class while there were 87 last year. Jean Claude said that for various reasons many had to leave after the morning session. Both the morning classes were down slightly from last year but the afternoon class was way down. We averaged 40 this year against 46 last year in the men’s class; 39 in the women’s class as opposed to 43 last year. It was my class that was way down with an average this year of 52 whereas we had 77 last year. Next year we may be able to see if this year was a down year or if last year was an up year. We have the evaluation forms and I have only been able to glance at them. Initial written and verbal response has been very positive.

Day started like all others. The good news is that Terry and Louise both slept well last night as did I. We arrived at the hall this morning around 8:10 and no one was there. Terry and I waited for about 10 minutes and some sisters came in so we left. Martin has been waiting for him each morning so we moved on. Had some discussions this morning (and afternoon) regarding the church situation I had written about. It appears that the problem may be working itself out as both parties understand there is some fault on both sides. Terry’s class continued to go well. Around 10:20 I hopped a machine and went over to the sister’s place and collected the evaluation forms. I also took a video of one of the presentations by the sisters. I also got some good video (at least I hope it is good) on the back of several machines today. After Terry’s class he and I collected Louise and came back to the hotel for lunch. We ate in my room and you could see the envy on their eyes at my masterpiece! It would be similar to them driving a 1963 VW while I am in a new Rolls-Royce. My class went well; I try and challenge them to think through some of the beliefs they have held simply because they have held them. Many of them are parrots of those who have taught them. At the end of the seminar the sisters gave each of us a gift. They sang and it was very encouraging. We said our good byes and made it back to the hotel to start packing for our journey tomorrow. We plan on leaving around 8 which will get us into Kumba around 11 or 12. We plan to go to the orphanage at 3. I am going to go to a store first and buy some things like soap, toothpaste and other things that the kids can use. There will be some candy as well!

Some miscellaneous items:

1. There are some ‘circles’ in town and policeman are directing traffic. Well, at least they are blowing their whistles. Herding cats would be far more disciplined.

2. I went to get a bottle of water this afternoon to take it to the hall and it was completely frozen. It had not been in the freezer but just in the fridge. The brethren cannot understand that we like ice in our water.

3. A brother began reading a passage this morning and for some reason was interrupted so he said: “I take it over” and began anew.

4. Oh, the brethren from the North wanted me to thank each of you who helped contribute to their coming to the seminar. The expense for them is too high and so we fund 10 of them each year. They were nearly in tears regarding their gratitude.

5. Oh, Simon’s wife had a healthy baby girl during the seminar today. When the announcement was made the hall cheered. The picture on the left below is Simon on the left and the woman in the middle is named Mary. She is speaking to him of the need to raise the child in the Lord.

6. I have told you before that Cameroon helps you to know if your sweat glands are working. Well, in addition to that it lets you know if your head is swiveling well. You see, if you can’t look right and left at about the same time you are likely to get creamed by a truck, car, bus, taxi or machine. You have to constantly be looking in all directions and fortunately my neck has it swivel on!

7. The picture on the right below is of Dan and Louise. I know that Lori Sutton will recall with fondness (well, maybe fondness is not the word) her time on the machine with Daniel.

8. Some dastardly person has sent an attachment because I have been trying to download it for 10 minutes. Remember to keep your attachments to yourself. I realize that it may be my cousin who sends me junk all too often.

9. Tomorrow we leave wireless for modem speed on the computer. It will take more time but I will still be able to get my daily pearls of wisdom to you!

We are all doing well and look forward to tomorrow. I am fixin to Skype Linda as 3 of our grandkids are spending the night with her and I will get to see them plus Charlie Brown. With those kids plus Junior and Alex being there this afternoon, I am soooooooooooo happy to be in Cameroon!

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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