Monday, February 11, 2013 9:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

Have I mentioned how cool Skype is???? Got to see my sweetie again as well as talk with her. Also got to see Charlie Brown and he was making faces at me so I am going to have to beat his head when I get home. Let me explain the pictures below: Jean Claude is in his Sunday best yesterday. Louise is typing away on my computer tonight; that is a picture of my wonderful lunch yesterday and the picture of Terry is him ready to dive in for lunch. I did get a good video of Terry in his class today with my IPhone.

First day went very well. The morning attendance for men and women was EXACTLY the same as last year! The afternoon attendance was down by 13 but my guess is the cause is they heard who the teacher would be. Terry is teaching on the book of James and trying to help the brethren see the practical side of Christianity from a day to day basis. He did an excellent job as always. Louise continues to assist the sisters in their skills regarding teaching the children. She is also (I may have told you this already) teaching on the Christian armor of Eph 6. My class is the final installment of the book of Romans and we will cover chapters 12-16 this year.

Here are some of the minute by minute activities of the day: I got up at 6:30 after a really good night’s rest. We left the hotel for the venue where the ladies are meeting at 7:45. Today was a national holiday so the traffic was light this morning. When we came out a taxi had just gone by so I hissed at him. That is normal procedure and he stopped and came back and got us. You give the driver a landmark and not an address. He gets you in the area you want and you tell him when to stop. The women meet in the morning in a room at the Hotel LeWat. We got there 20 minutes early and waited until Jean Claude came. Then Terry and I climbed on machines and made it to the church hall in plenty of time. It is always good on the first day to see those that we have not seen in a year. This morning I brought my computer to Jean Claude and he had it fixed in the morning. There are 3 Christian brothers (Daniel, Martin & Elvis) who have machines and I rode with Elvis and Terry with Martin to pick Louise. She then rode with Daniel who is the same driver that carried Lori last year. Tonight on the way home Terry remarked that Martin was not afraid of anything (not sure the same can be said of Terry). He said that Martin made some moves that he thought were impossible but they were not! We went across the street and all had a burger and fries for lunch. Then the 3 Musketeers came back to take us to the hall. It was very hot this afternoon and the fact that the electricity was out did not help matters. After a couple of hours it came on so we did have ceiling fans. We got in a taxi after my class to come back and Linda and Louis were with us. They put our laundry in the boot of the car and forgot it. Fortunately, Louise did not so we will take the dirty laundry once again tomorrow. Louis and Linda were panicking that they had lost the laundry and called many times but my phone was not ringing. I have been doing an assortment of things and will try to get in bed by 10:30.

Some miscellaneous things:

1. Yesterday at church one brother was making announcements about the seminar and he was giving the starting time for today and was insistent that they arrive on time. He stated that ‘Whites are obedient to time’. He obviously doesn’t know Teresa Blaisdell. She was late to their wedding and Richard thought he had a reprieve but she showed up before he could slip out.

2. Terry thinks that my excess sweating is from all of the medication I take. When we were stuck in the elevator on Saturday everyone sweat on some level but I definitely took the top prize. I take 8 prescriptions so maybe he has something there.

3. Oh, one thing I forgot yesterday when I mentioned that Louise forced us to go for ice cream. Not only did she do that but she forced us to eat 3 scoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a real chore.

We are all doing well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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