Saturday, February 09, 2013 10:30pm-3:30pm CST    

Dear All:

Tomorrow should be a day when I actually post an African picture. The one below is of our 10th grandkid (Grace) and 2nd granddaughter. Those of you with grandkids know that they beat the snot out of kids. ‘Beat the snot out’ is one of my wife’s favorite sayings! She has some other favorite sayings but they are gross so I will not entertain you with them.

Day was good and relaxing. Last night I had something happen that rarely happens and that is that I was unable to get to sleep. It was after 3am before I finally konked out. ‘Konked’ came out in my spell checker as no word but it is most assuredly a word. Since I couldn’t sleep I decided I would do some thinking so I worked on the seminar for 2014. I already know what Richard and Lori will present but I am still working on my class. Louis came over around 11:30 and we went to lunch. If you go to a restaurant here and are hungry you are in trouble. For whatever reason they do not believe in fast service. They don’t even believe in slow service! Food was good and we had a good time visiting with Louis. We briefly went down to a grocery store to get a few things that we will not be able to have in Kumba. The last two days have been relatively slow but once the seminar begins, we will be huffing and puffing. Jean Claude came over and did some work and then printed it on my printer. We discussed a number of things regarding the growth of the church. Whether I am looking at the church in America or this country, the devil is certainly at work.

A couple of things that are interesting: (1) Many Cameroonians do not like cold soda but drinks that are at room temperature. I asked Jean Claude if he wanted a drink and he said he wanted a ‘fresh one’. That means room temperature. (2) The word ‘debt’ has a silent ‘b’. In Cameroon instead of saying it is silent they say: ‘forget the b’. I was able to Skype Linda this morning (her time) as she, two of my sister-in-laws and a brother-in-law are going to Oklahoma to a Catfish place. Jean Claude was here and they had a good time talking with each other. I am sure I have already said it but this ‘Skype’ thing is really neat. I am blessed to have the best wife in the entire world. On top of that she is good looking!!!! I am preaching at Mambanda tomorrow while Terry is preaching at Dakar. Louise is teaching one of the children’s classes at Cite de la paix which is Jean Claude’s congregation. I spent a good amount of time this evening working on specific questions that I will pose to various congregations and preachers in meetings I will conduct over the next two weeks.

I am going to shower and hit the sack. I pray I sleep well tonight. Still having problems sending emails. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. JERRY KLEIN says:

    I am enjoying your daily “Howdys”! You are looking good for your age, Jamie. Some of us, just get better with age. I think I am one of those. Being happily married is a key for sure! Janie


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