Friday, February 08, 2013 6:40pm-11:40am CST

Dear All:

Where do I begin? Let’s begin in the elevator this afternoon. Terry, Louise, Louis, Linda, myself and a man and woman were riding down minding our own business. All of a sudden we stopped and the lights went out. A small emergency light came on and Louis called to see what the problem was. They said they would get a technician out as soon as possible. Well, 28 minutes later we exited the lifter (elevator). There was no ventilation or fan in this small room so we did get hot. I won the award for sweating! When I got off my shirt was virtually soaked. They say there is a first time for everything (something I doubt) but this was my first time to get stuck on an elevator.

Minutes ago I was typing my howdy when my screen went blue and said that there was some big, bad problem and that Microsoft had so much care and concern for me that they did not want me to ‘crash and burn’. I powered down the computer and cranked it back up and pray that it stays in working shape. Last week my hard drive bit the dust and it demonstrates how we can get upset over things that are truly trivial. There are people in the world who are going through divorce or some other substantial family strife; there are those suffering from Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke and so many other maladies; there are those who have lost a job or can barely put a roof over their families’ head and I grip and complain about a luxury of mine because it is not behaving in a luxurious way. Oh, I can’t send emails via Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo. My Yahoo account expired and my Gmail wants me to sign up again (which I did) but I had to put an activation code in which they were supposed to email which they did not. At any rate, I am now using Verizon Webmail. I am thankful that I am such a ‘high tech’ guy.

Couldn’t get to sleep until about 2 but then slept well until 8. Terry said he made it to 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Louise also had some trouble in the sleep department. We are all hoping that tonight fares better. Louis and Linda came over at 10 and we discussed some of the aspects of the future regarding the material for the children’s classes. Also discussed the seminars that the sisters conduct in going out to villages. Louis and I then went out to buy some supplies (paper, chalk, markers) for the seminar which begins on Monday. Jean Claude came at about 11 and we went to lunch. Terry, Louise and Jean Claude wrote in a taxi while Louis and I climbed machines. For those of you new to my reports; a machine is a motorcycle. While they got in the taxi before us; we beat them by a mile. I had a very aggressive driver (love those guys) and we went all over the place; in and out and round about all of the vehicles on the road. We then ate upstairs at the restaurant because there was no space on the first floor. The A/C was out upstairs but they blew a fan on us and it was fine. The three of us then went to a grocery store to buy some things. We will split our days with eating half of the time out of our boxes (suitcases) and ½ of the time in hamburger joints. When we got back we then went to another store to buy a thing that heats water so Terry can have coffee each morning. Oh, Terry also bought a Rolex on the street. His son had bought him a watch for this trip and in Paris the stem came out. I am not sure that this is a real Rolex because it cost under $11! Terry simply wants it to work for 3 weeks. After he had had it for an hour he told me it was still working so I think he will monitor it on a minute by minute basis!

I am fixin to ‘Skype’ Linda. I am also going to work on a lesson for the 24th as well as go over my stuff for Monday. We have everything set up for next week so hopefully we can all sleep well tonight and relax tomorrow. Below is a picture of Charlie Brown with Linda and me. Hopefully I will have at least one Africa picture tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers. If you email me and I do not respond it will not be because I am not trying!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

4 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Ricardo says:

    Charlie Brown and Linda look fantastic!

    • Dear Teresa:
      That is because they get to see me each day! I know you can’t write one of your exposes as this is a public domain. Go ahead and write an email so I can laugh. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. Dean says:

    We are praying for y’all, and were glad you didn’t get caught in the big northeast snowstorm.

    On a side note, your daughter has a competitor for killing me, my high blood pressure meds are slow to work. 🙂

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