Thursday, February 07, 2013 1:40pm – 5:40am CST

Dear All:

Was able to get to sleep by 8:30 last night and slept well. Had a good breakfast and left the hotel at 7:45. The bus was a large one and it was packed. Had no problems with the check-in process nor with security. Got to the gate about an hour early and boarded with no problems. I am not eating lunch because I am still full from breakfast. Terry and I have been working on the agenda for a meeting we will have with the brethren at Jean Claude’s congregation. We want to put in a printing operation in which we will fund the initial set-up but they will be responsible for the ongoing costs. The set-up costs will be about $30,000. Printed literature is like gold in Africa so we believe this will be a great benefit to the church in this country.

We are scheduled to land at 4:50 this afternoon and will probably be a half hour late. We will be doing final prep work for the seminar on Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow we are meeting with Louis and Linda regarding the latest edition of Bible school material for the kids. Lord willing, I will be able to send this from Douala tonight but if not, I should be able to send tomorrow. The hotel we stay in has wireless (in some rooms) but I have a modem if my wireless is non-existent.

The beautiful girl below is my daughter, Bapp with her 4 year old whose name is KB.

Thursday, February 07, 2013 11:00pm-4:00pm CST

We arrived safely. When we left Paris it was very cold but now it is very hot! Plane ride was bumpy at times but nothing severe. When we got off the plane we made it through Customs with no problems and then waited and waited for our luggage which is standard procedure. It all came and we made it outside with no problems. The hotel van came to pick us. Jean Claude, Linda Bassay and another Linda were there. Louis was still in school but he came to the hotel and then Julien and his wife Natalie came. Julian is the preacher for the Dakar Church of Christ here in Douala. Also Cyprian came so it was good to see all of them. I ‘skyped’ Linda and Jean Claude, Julien and Natalie were able to see her. They were so amazed but so am I! I will skype her again in a few minutes so I can see Charlie Brown. Am in pretty good shape, time-wise. Think I can get to bed before midnight. I don’t have to get up until 9 in the morning so should get some good rest. Thank you for all of your prayers and I appreciate the emails that some of you have sent. Oh, I am already having email problems as I am trying to send three and they won’t go. I tried to send via Gmail which I have done before but it will not let me do it and Yahoo says my account is closed. Hopefully things will work better tomorrow. One more thing: Louise commented when we were off the plane that we would not be could for a long time but Terry pointed out that with some of the A/C in the hotel, that may not be the case. My A/C is working good but I don’t think I will freeze.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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