Tuesday, February 05, 2013 8:00pm-7:00pm CST

Dear All:

Let me begin by making an observation. I have come to the conclusion that the airlines always are expecting Royalty on board because the food is fit for a king! I have just finished a wonderful dinner on the flight from Chicago to Paris. I have a new friend in Terry Harlow. You see, he shared some of his supper with me. He had been munching all day so I think his appetite had been ruined. In June I have two teens from my congregation going with me and I pray they have a serious taste bud problem and don’t like this exquisite cuisine. OK; back to the day. Don and Terry were on time and we got packed on the road quickly. No problems in getting to the airport and there was no crowd. The check-in was about as seamless as it could be. We were flying out of terminal A but I always like to change money in Dallas so I had to get on the train to go to Terminal D. When I got back Louise was sitting with Terry. Her flight had been exactly on schedule. We boarded and although Terry was sitting with me I had him switch places so Louise and I could discuss some of the children’s issues regarding the material we are writing and the seminars the native sisters are conducting. The flight to Chicago was fine. When we landed there was snow all over the ground. We landed at the same terminal from which we were flying out, in fact, the gates were not that far apart. While at the gate I ‘skyped’ Linda on my I Phone. Skype is a tool where you can call someone and not only talk to them but also see them. I was not only able to see Linda but also Charlie Brown and Michael. Charlie Brown (some call him Jose Luis) is 4 years old and Linda has had him since he was about 6 weeks old. He is one of the family. Michael is a 2 year old that Linda babysits one day each week. She has also babysat Michael’s two older siblings. His mother’s name is Kim and she is a good friend of Bapp’s. The picture below is one of Charlie Brown and his dad at a ‘Dad’s night’ at the preschool where he attends. It is at our church and is a great outreach. We boarded the plane to Paris on schedule and there are many empty seats. The three of us have exit rows so plenty of leg room. Louise does not need it so much but Terry and I are happy about it. He went to New Zealand to visit a work we support in December and the flight is 13 hours. He was in a cramped space for that entire time so is enjoying this place. We are scheduled to land at 8:30 Paris time which will be 1:30am today in Dallas. I have already done some work in looking over my class on Romans for next week. Will watch a movie or some TV program-read some and try to sleep some. Will write again before I send this. Should be able to send from Paris.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 11:25am-4:25am CST

Arrived safely and a few minutes ahead of schedule. On the plane I was able to sleep two hours and watch Cool Hand Luke. Also went over most of my class for next week and will finish it tomorrow. We got off the plane in record time and did the same in going through Customs. Our bags were all together and also came out quickly. We then walked about ½ a mile to an elevator that took us to where the hotel bus was. Well, not quite. It took us to where the taxis were and since they would have cost at least $50 and the hotel shuttle is free; we decided to go with the bus. We had to go to the other side of the concourse to get an elevator that would take us to the hotel bus and it came fairly soon. We had to wait about an hour or so for rooms to open up but we are all near each other. We are not going downtown as we are tired and have seen Paris many times. I have left a wake-up call for 3pm and then we will go eat lupper. I hear my bed calling so will sign off and hopefully I can connect to the internet and send this. If you do not receive it please send me an email and let me know that you did not get it!

While we appreciate your prayers for safety we are more concerned with the impact the Lord will have through us on the church in Cameroon. We are praying that the 5 days in Douala followed by 5 in Kumba will not simply be a holiday for the brethren. Thank you for your concern.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Paul W. Wharton says:

    Have a safe and fruitful trip!
    Paul W.
    Laurel Church of Christ

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