Tuesday, October 30, 2012 9:10pm-3:10pm CST

Dear All:

Made it to Douala with no problems. Here is how the day went: Got up at 7 as we were scheduled to start loading at 8 and we pretty much made that schedule. Left around 8:30 and arrived in Bonaberi at noon or so. Dumped Louis & Linda and a brother named Martin came with his machine and carried Jean Claude’s things with him. It is soooooooooooooooo good to have wireless!!!!!!!!!!! The high-speed internet that we have at home is a huge blessing. While I am thinking about it; I need some serious sympathy. All I ever do is work, work, work and Tom, Don, Ashley and Gabby play cards. You can see them below. Once we got to the hotel we dropped our things fairly quickly and went to a place to eat. Don, Tom and I got burgers (very good and healthy), Jean Claude got fish and Ashley and Gabby ate FuFu (an African dish). They have started carrying stuff on their heads and all kinds of stuff like that! After we ate Don and I went from store to store searching for some lozenges that I get here and use in both America and Cameroon. I had one of them in my pocket and showed it to a proprietor of a store and asked him if they had any. He said no but one of the workers said we should go back and look and there they were. I got 3 packages a nd the ‘big man’ said that he thought I simply wanted one lozenge. Oh, we had earlier (all 5 of us) went to the grocery store for some staples such as soft drinks and candy. We try to eat as healthy as possible. I have a dilemma on my hands(for Teresa Blaisdell that is a problem). Should I have a Kit Kat, Mars Bar or Snickers? I guess I could solve the problem by having all 3! For supper we decided to really eat healthy so we went for some ice cream. It was deeeeeeeeeeeeee-licious! They told us that it was low cal and fat free but it tasted good so they may have been pulling our leg. Came back and Ashley came up to the room and we had a nice visit. I was not able to work directly with her during the trip but instead was ‘stuck’ with Gabby so we had an enjoyable visit. I showed her pictures of the trip and then pictures of our grandkids and Charlie Brown. I then went upstairs and visited with Don, Ashley and Gabby and had an inspiring time. They begged me to stay, especially Gabby, but I knew I needed to come back and get to work. Tomorrow morning Louis, Linda, Jean Claude and Lucy are coming over to go with us to the wood market. They will help Tom, Don, Ashley and Gabby bargain for whatever they want. Your money will fly away quickly if you pay the first price they throw in your direction. I got an email today from a man I studied with last week and he is going to study the Bible with me via the World Bible School lessons. I am feeling quite good because I just got to speak with Linda. She told me that a good friend of ours who moved away from Garland some years ago had a heart attack. Please put Rick Glazack on your prayer list. I know that is not the correct spelling of his name but my spell checker doesn’t have his name in its memory. His wife’s name is Karen and please keep her in prayer as well. Got a bunch of stuff to do so will sign of for now. We are all doing well and thank you for your prayers.



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