Monday, October 29, 2012 9:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

Another campaign has come and gone. Finished with 86 Bible studies and 22 baptisms. We thank the Lord for allowing us to have a part in His work. We are also very grateful to each of you for the part you had in this work. We are acutely aware that you were on your knees in prayer for us on a daily basis. Tom and I are grateful to those of you who ministered to Wendy and Linda during the time that Lincoln was ill and while Linda had her eye adventure. I spoke with Linda a while ago and she had spoken with Wendy and Lincoln is doing much better.

Here is how the day went: got up at regular time and did regular stuff. Nothing of any great importance until we have our devo. Louis led our thoughts this morning and spoke from Acts 20:36-38 when he left the brethren at Ephesus. We realize that just as those brethren were seeing Paul for the last time; the 9 of us will probably never be together again in this life. These campaigns, however, form bonds that are not broken. Tonight, for example, while I have been working myself to death Tom, Don, Ashley and Gabby have been playing cards! Seriously, they have done a GREAT job and I am thankful for their contributions to the team. Today we had two of the congregations with no prospects so Tom, Jean Claude, Linda, Ashley, Gabby and Lucy all got in the same car to work in Nkonsomba. The driver, Ashley and Jean Claude rode up front while the other 4 crammed into the back seat. Don went with Louis and me to Bangante. Weather was totally different today as it was nice and dry. Did not have to deal with any mud or any other kind of problems. Many of the prospects who said they would come did not show up so I was able to visit with Louis, Gregory and Lovelyn (Gregory’s wife) about some stuff. Then Don and I went in a back room and had a nice visit. It has been good to be with him. With Idaho being 2,000 miles from Texas (or is it Texas being 2,000 miles from Idaho) we see each other seldom. It has also been a pleasure to be with Ashley and Gabby. Ashley is the more mature of the two so we all had a good time teasing Gabby. I won’t tell you about her adventures in trying to sit in a chair and staying upright. Gabby definitely has a balance problem! Don and I had a study with a lady who is a strong member of a denomination. The devil has done a masterful job of convincing so many people that denominationalism is OK when it is against the will of God. We had an uneventful return trip. The guys that went to Nkonsomba had 6 studies and even though there was no immediate fruit they all felt that the majority of the prospects were good ones. Nkonsomba is a large town and the church has only been there since May. They number 12 and had been supported by a Cameroonian sister who was working in China. By the way; this sister was converted on one of our campaigns many years ago by Vonda Smith. Her name is Issabel. She came back for a visit to Cameroon and had all of her money and documents stolen. She will not be able to continue to support the preacher so it appears that the church will be struggling with no one to lead. I know I have shared this with you in previous blogs: Ephesians 4 says that God has placed leaders in the church to mature the saints. When you have a small church that has nothing but ‘baby Christians’ they will not stand without leadership. In the first century when Paul or another apostle started a local congregation they could and did impart miraculous gifts. You would have a new Christian with the gift of wisdom or knowledge so the church could grow. Such gifts do not exist today so a small church like Nkonsomba will struggle to keep the doors open, much less grow. I simply do not have funds to support the preacher so I do not know what will happen. Please keep this matter in prayer.

Regarding the pictures below; the one on the left is a picture of the many fine telephones in the hotel. Not only are they in the hallways but we all have one in our rooms. They don’t work but they look nice! Then you have Don, me and Tom as we were waiting to go out this morning. We leave for Douala at 8 in the morning. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are all doing well. Oh, I am looking forward to wireless tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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