Sunday, October 28, 2012 9:40pm-3:40pm CST

Dear All:

I must begin by bragging on my wonderful wife. Linda is truly the greatest wife in the world. For any of you guys who think your wife is the best; YOU ARE WRONG! The schedule that I keep requires a wife who truly loves the Lord as well as me. She is the unsung hero of this ministry because without her sacrifice, this work would not exist. I get most of the accolades but they are misplaced. I love her so much and am so thankful that the Lord has teamed us up.

Let me explain the 4 pictures below: the upper left is of Gabby teaching the kids at Bangante. They have the kid class first followed by the worship. I could hear her and she did a GREAT job. I have been with Gabby several times and not with Ashley so Gabby as gotten most of the press. Ashley is doing an equally great job and I am so proud of both of them. They are godly Christian girls and have been a blessing to this team. The picture to the right of the class is the congregation in Bangante. Can you pick out the visitor? Bottom left is the church hall before worship. The bottom right picture is of my shoe. This morning it had rained and was foggy for much of the ride to Bangante. The driver tried to go down the hill but realized quickly that he could never get back up. We got out and walked while Louis and Beethoven hired 4 boys to get them out of the mud. I don’t think I have ever walked in so much mud. The picture does not capture the true amount of mud and it was really heavy! I wear a size 13 shoe and I think each of them weighed 28.7 pounds. We tried to get the mud off at the building but the brethren told us not to worry.

Day began at 7. The internet is so slow that I don’t even try to check it in the morning. Louis and I were joined by Lucy and Gabby. They had worked in Bafang on Saturday but they have no children’s class so they came with us so they could teach the kids. We were a few minutes leaving the hotel and the weather slowed Beethoven a bit but no by much. Because we had to walk down the hill we arrived at about 9:30 when the class was supposed to end. They taught until 10 or so and then we began the worship. At supper tonight Gabby informed me that I had preached for 40 minutes. Every congregation has a ‘clock watcher’ and Gabby was ours. The song leader was not one of the better ones I have heard and he led everything real slow. The singing itself was very good. After worship I studied with a young man who wants someone to spiritually heal him. I never really understood what he was getting at but there is a false teacher in Nigeria that many are following who professes to be able to heal spiritually and physically. Gabby taught a young man named Maxell and he was baptized. Both Gabby and Lucy are very positive about this young man. I then had a study with a man who has come to the correct conclusion that denominationalism is sinful. He currently is worshipping in his house with his family. He is a fellow teacher with one of the brothers named Gregory so I am hopeful for this man. The team only had 4 studies with the one baptism. This section truly has proven to be difficult. We are hopeful for good prospects tomorrow. Two of the places have no one so Don will go with Louis and I and Jean Claude, Tom, Lucy, Gabby, Ashley & Linda will climb in one car with 2 in the front with the driver and 4 in the back. They want to experience close Christian fellowship. Hope all of them shower or the fellowship may prove to be nauseous. We had 23 in worship this morning which was the highest of the 4 places. Tonga had 5, Bafang had 9 and Nkonsamba had about 15. The work in this area is truly hard. The preacher in Nkonsamba had been supported by a Cameroonian who lives in China but she has had to stop and the preacher may be forced to leave since the small church cannot begin to pay the rent, much less his salary. Nkonsamba is a large town and it will be a shame if the work has to stop. We got back at 6:15 and promptly went to supper. The basic choices are fish, chicken, steak or buzzgetti. There is also rice and French fries. I have already taken my shower. Have had hot weather in all hotels. Oh, the local dialect in Bangante is Kom which is nothing like French. In the first study I had this morning my interpreter used that language instead of French. Oh, the songbook I used this morning was from the church of Christ in O’Fallon, Missouri. We pray that tomorrow will be a good day. I will call Linda in a little while and then get ready for bed. We are all well and continue to thank you for your prayers.




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