Saturday, October 27, 2012 8:55pm-2:55pm CST

Dear All:

Had another great day! 13 Bible studies with no baptisms. I understand that we always desire fruit but we did what the Lord has commissioned us to do and our prayer is that those we studied with today will reconsider. I fear that my prophecy from yesterday is coming true. It appears that any fruit we have will take place tomorrow and Monday does not appear to be a day in which we will have many prospects.

Some misc items before the details of the day:

1. Let me explain the photo below. This is a typical backseat car door. You will notice that there is no crank to roll the window up in case it rains. Well, the driver has the one crank and when it begins to rain, he rolls his window up and passes it to the passenger in the front seat who rolls theirs up and then passes to the one behind them and they then pass it to the one behind the driver. Hopefully for this last one, the rain is not too hard!

2. The Bagante congregation has both English and French members. Therefore, they do have some American song books. I looked at one today and it had been donated by the Westwood Church of Christ in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

3. It is amazing to see the power of culture in this part of the country. One of the forms of idolatry is called Juju and it is almost impossible to reach them with the gospel. Their religious culture is so ingrained that it is so hard for the seed to penetrate their hearts. You also see the ‘gospel of prosperity’ in a big way. Even though these poor people will not look around them and see that becoming a member of a man made church does not guarantee prosperity, they remain with the hope of becoming wealthy. I suppose it is no different from a poor person in America spending their little hard earned money on lottery tickets.

4. Two of the leaders in the Bangante congregation are named Raphael and Gregory. Both were converted through World Bible School.

5. The driver who took me and Louis to Bangante and Tonga is named Beethoven. I asked him if he writes music and it does turn out that he has a band. He is also a good driver.

6. I told you yesterday that the hotel’s name is La Falaise. Well, the hotel we stay at in Douala is the Residence la Falaise and this is the ‘mother hotel’. We have a generator so even though we have lost power a few times, the generator kicks in and we are in business.

7. My wife is far tougher (and nicer) than me. Last night she had 8 little kids spend the night. Grandkids Will (9 years), Junior (8 years), Cy (6 years), KB (4 years) and 4 kids she has babysat in the past: Reid (10 years), Cameron (7 years), Dakota (4 years) and Charlie Brown (3 years). I told her last night that I was glad I was in Africa!!!!!!!! Today she is recovering.

Here is the day: got up at 7 with devo in Ashley and Gabby’s room. They, along with Louis and Linda have the largest rooms. I gave the talk and we enjoyed a good period of worship and fellowship. Louis and I left around 9 and we had driven a short distance when I realized I did not have my passport. I went back to the hotel and could not find it so went out to the car and looked through my back pack once more and still could not find it. Went back up to my room one last time and found it in a drawer. I am keeping it in my back pack from now on. If I lost it I would have to go to Yaoundé to the American Embassy to get another one. The trip to Bangante took one hour and then Louis had another 30 minutes to Tonga. My first studies were with two recent converts from prison. We studied over a variety of subjects for 2 hours. Primarily I wanted to help them understand the Biblical concepts of repentance and confession. I then spent a couple of hours with a man from a prominent denomination. The study was a good one but he is going to struggle because of two things: first, his wife is not interested in faith. Second, he works for a chief as a messenger and when the chief wants him to do or say something that is wrong, he is obliged to do so. I really think he wants to follow God but the devil has a good grip on him right now. I spent the balance of my time talking with Raphael and Gregory about the church in Bangante and some things that will help them grow. Gregory has a machine and he took me up to the main road. This was one of my more interesting rides on a machine. The road was terribly, I mean TERRIBLY bumpy but we did not fall. On the road back to Bafang Louis and I discussed a number of issues. One of the serendipitous blessings of these trips is the fellowship with brethren and the ability to share faith with them. We had supper at 6 and it was very good. Another great time on these trips takes place at the dinner table. I then came up to my room and Tom, Don, Ashley and Gabby came up and we enjoyed some time together. Then a woman named Crystel came and gave us our laundry. We always have a Christian sister do our laundry and then give them a token payment that is significant to them. I will try and get this sent and then get ready for bed. Had a good night’s rest last night and pray the same tonight. We are all well. Please pray for Lincoln Kimmey. This is Tom and Wendy’s daughter and she has a 102 fever. Tonight our church is having their Fall Festival and Lincoln was so looking forward to it. Please keep us in prayer.




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