Saturday, October 26, 2012 2:30pm-8:30am CST

Dear All:

As you can see, I am writing very early. Decided to go ahead and get the blog done so I can relax tonight. Let me go ahead and explain the pictures below. I poured over the hundreds of pictures of Gabby to find the best one and it is below. You can tell that she needs a hairdresser REAL bad! She is thinking seriously of shaving her head so she can look like her Uncle Michael and a blond beach ball! The other picture is of the guy loading our stuff this morning.

Got up at 7:15 and took a shower. That brings me to a couple of things. As you know from previous blogs, there are many things that we possess that are luxury items. All of you are aware of that regarding a toilet seat and since I wrote about that, I am sure you have all removed yours. By the way, my room does have a toilet lid but no seat but that is OK! Another such item is a shower curtain. If you have a nice bathtub with a shower you have no need for a shower curtain. My room had such a nice bath and shower and no curtain. That did not impede anything and the water on the floor will dry over time. Another item is a waste paper
basket. Possibly you already do what I am doing: taking a kitchen size trash bag to handle your stuff. Now I realize you can take a trash can and pay for it one time and it will last for a long time. Well, you can take the trash in your kitchen trash bag and put it in your dumpster and reuse it. Back to the day; the trip only took 90 minutes and we were here. The hotel is not as elegant as the last one but it is still very nice. Has A/C and water so what more could you want? Well, I understand a fridge but that is a luxury as well. I would recommend that when your fridge goes out do not replace it but keep your refrigerator items in a cooler with ice in the summer and on the back porch in the winter. In fact, you need to pray for me because I am fearful of developing Pneumonia because it is so cold in here. Now, for those of you who have not read my blogs before you might think: ‘just turn the A/C off’. Are you nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? What do I do when the electricity goes off? I am building up a reservoir of cool just in case. I had placed two Coke Lights in my fridge in Bafoussam and they both froze. When I got here I was able to give one to Don and I have one. It still has ice in it! The hotel is named LaFalaise. The rooms are fairly small but not too small. The lighting is very poor so when nighttime comes around it will be fairly dark inside. We went down to the restaurant and ordered supper for 6:00pm. We then all got on machines (wish I could have had a picture of that) and went to the Super Market. Super is somewhat of a stretch but we got the things we needed. We have purchased Ketchup and Magi Sauce (kind of like Soy Sauce) to take with us at supper. Once again you see a similarity between here and the States. I know that Linda keeps a bottle of Ketchup and Mustard in her purse at all times. We are supposed to meet the preachers at 4. This will prove (I pray I am a false prophet) to be the least fruitful part of the trip. This area is filled with idolatry and most people are not receptive to the Word. It has been some years since we worked here so hopefully our presence will encourage the brethren. I am going to go ahead and sign off and send this. There definitely is no WiFi here but my modem will do the job. We are all healthy and looking forward to the work tomorrow.



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