Thursday, October 25, 2012 11:30pm-5:30pm CST

Dear All:

As you can see, it is late here. Please pray for Jose Luis Espinosa, SR who is the dad of the little boy that Linda babysits. He was in a serious car accident yesterday. It appears that the Lord was really with him but please keep him in prayer. Also pray for Ross Hollingsworth. He is a dear brother at my congregation and had a heart cath today.

Team had a good day. 3 more souls won so the totals to date are 63 Bible studies and 21 baptisms. We pray, of course, that these are not simply people who got wet but those who surrendered their lives to the Lord. Let me return to the beginning of the day.

Got up an hour later as the first prospect for Don was not until 10. Tom led the devo and did a GREAT job. It has been a blessing to get to know him better. Jean Claude, Linda, Gabby and I did not leave until 12:30. As you know from previous blogs on other trips; life is not that different here than in the States. For example, I know that when you go out you always bring your water bottle since you cannot find any good drinking water in town. I went into my fridge and my bottle was frozen solid. That was great because I had good cold water for almost the whole day. Once we got there Gabby started a study almost immediately. He was not baptized but she said it was a good study and he says he will return. I had an interesting study with a professor from the local university. This is the second largest university in Cameroon. He plans to correspond with me via email or snail mail (hasn’t decided which) and I pray that fruit will be born. Had a good final worship service and got back to the hotel at 7:15. Had the best meal we have had since we arrived at Bafoussam and have been busy since supper was over. So much to be done in order to travel tomorrow. Our laundry did not arrive until about 10:15 tonight. Much of it is still damp. They have the same problem that we have in the States when it rains. I know that when Linda has to put her laundry out on the line the rain can cause real problems. Different times of the year have their pluses and minuses. In the dry season it can be uncomfortably hot but the laundry is always dry. In the rainy season the temperature is much nicer but you have to deal with the rain. I spoke with Linda tonight and her jury duty went OK. They sent her from Dallas back to Garland and then she got to wait for a couple of hours on a case that never materialized. She is relieved that it is over. Tomorrow night she is having 3 grandsons plus 3 boys she has either babysat before or is currently babysitting. I was sorry to hear that she had lost her mind! I was starting to miss her but I will not miss that crew tomorrow night!

The preacher at the church in Dschang approached me today regarding a radio program. It would cost $85 per month and he would be preaching on the radio for one hour each week. I do not have that money but if you would like to make a commitment, please let me know. Jean Claude thinks that it would be a worthy project. I would recommend a one-year contract and then evaluate. If this is something you could help with I would appreciate it. Justin is a hard worker and he will follow-up on the contacts he would make on the radio.

Regarding the pictures below: the first is of Ashley and Gabby. Someone had emailed and wanted to see them and know whether they were teens or adults. Gabby is infantile but is 25. Ashley is 27 but Jean Claude guessed her age at between 30 and 35 so she no longer likes Jean Claude. The picture to their left is the ‘river’ you saw yesterday that goes by the church hall. Below that picture is the path we take down to the hall. Rain makes that path a real adventure. Once again, not all that different from the States. I know that we have to walk down a similar path to get to the Buckingham Road Church of Christ. Then the bottom left picture is Gabby teaching a prospect. I am so proud of her and Ashley!

For some reason I am really tired so I will try to send this and then hit the sack. We leave at 9 in the morning for Bafang. We are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers.



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