Wednesday, October 24, 2012 10:00pm-4:00pm CST

Dear All:

All trips are busy but this one has been extra busy. Generally I have time to watch a DVD of Walker, Texas Ranger or a movie but I have not been able to do any of that. Not complaining as this has been another great day. We had 5 Bible studies and 8 baptisms. The reason for the high number of baptisms was that 7 of the prisoners from yesterday were immersed this morning. Please keep them in prayer. The internet in the hotel still does not work so it is frustrating regarding the speed (I use the word speed advisably)!

The morning began with Jean Claude giving the devo talk and the time was very encouraging. We did not leave until 12:30 as the prospects were in the afternoon. Tom and I went down to the grocery store so I could buy stuff for Jean Claude, Louis, Linda and Lucy for our trip back to Douala. I always put together a ‘Care Package’ for them and I already have the one for Bafang but I do not know if the store there will have much of anything. Tom also came up and helped me with a form for one of the preachers. I also was able to get work done on two reports that had been given to me by one of the preachers. When we left it was raining very lightly but later on it really came down. Fortunately, we were in the building when it hit. It was raining so hard that I could barely hear myself. The picture on the left below is not a stream but the road that the brethren walk on to get to church. When it rains it really rains! I was studying with a man who was convinced in Biblical type miracles today and he would not be persuaded by either the Scriptures or the fact that Biblical type miracles simply cannot be seen today. Like many who are duped he believes charlatans that prey on other people. All we can do is plant seed and pray that someday he will pay attention to the facts. Had another study that was cut short because he had an appointment but he says he will come back tomorrow. Oh, I meant to tell you the other day that when we were in Yaoundé a brother named Bertin came by to say hi. He said that Tom needed to ride a machine because I knew every pothole in Yaoundé. No one but the Lord knows every pot hole in Yaoundé!!!!!!!!!!! I have a picture of the group below. They are doing a GREAT job! I preached again this afternoon but the crowd was not a crowd because of the rain. Left at 6 and got back to the hotel about 7:20. Supper was at 7:30 and the food promptly came out at 8:05. I do not believe that the words ‘speed’ or ‘efficiency’ are in the vocabulary of the workers in the restaurant. I have spoken to Linda and she has jury duty tomorrow so she is worried that she will get lost or some such thing. Will take a bath and get a good night’s rest. We are all doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers and emails.



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