Tuesday, October 23, 2012 11:00pm-5:00pm CST

Dear All:

All is well because I just spoke with Linda. She is doing well. Had another good day. Team had 10 Bible studies and 2 baptisms. 5 of the studies were conducted by Gabby and myself in the prison in Dschang. Justin (the preacher in Dschang) is supposed to go and baptize them in the morning. There is a stream by the prison and they will take 2 prisoners at a time under guard to baptize. They have already had 5 within the past few months. I am aware that prison baptisms do not always ‘take’ and that oftentimes they are a means to early release. Prison life in Cameroon is very difficult. We could not take cameras with us as I could have gotten some really good pictures. We went and spoke to the warden and he escorted us into a place just outside of where the prisoners live. They brought them out in groups and we were able to teach. I taught 2 and they appeared sincere. God knows their hearts. I gave Justin some money that he will use from time to time to purchase pen and paper or food and other necessities. It will be interesting to see over the years if they remain faithful.

Now back to the beginning of the day:

Awoke at regular time after another good night’s rest. Jean Claude did not sleep well last night so I pray that tonight will be a good one. My brother Don brought the message this morning in devo and it was very encouraging. Jean Claude, Gabby, Linda and I left around 9. We went to town and captured a taxi to take us to Dschang. The drive is about 1 hour on a good road. Enjoyed talking with Gabby coming and going. She is a good kid and is a real blessing to the team as is her sister. When we got there we met Justin and his wife. There 4 year old son died some months back during an operation. They have one child named Junior who is 13 months old. When he first saw me he cried and then later this afternoon when I was preaching he came up and held to my leg. Gabby pointed out that he may simply have thought it was his dad. Later he let me hold him for 3 ½ seconds and then began to cry again. I have already discussed the prison and after that we walked to another prospect. On the way it began to rain so we took shelter and after a while it was OK. Linda and Gabby went back to the church hall while Justin, Jean Claude and myself went to talk with a prospect. She is very confused over the nature of the church which, of course, many are. The devil has done such a masterful job via denominationalism to lead people to believe that any church is OK. You can show Scripture after Scripture that make it abundantly clear that the Lord has one church and will only save those in His church. That view is not politically correct but theologically sound. We took a machine back to the hall and had one more study. It is cool and on the machine is was almost cold. The streets were wet but we had no problems. Gabby and Ashley are used to riding machines in Haiti where they have been on numerous occasions. Got back to the hotel around 7:30 when we were supposed to have supper. Louis had ordered for us this morning and all but 2 of us had ordered from the menu. There was a mix-up and they thought we were all eating the buffet so it was 8:15 before anyone got their food and 8:30 for some. Food and fellowship were good. I came back up and have been working on a couple of things. The hotel has eternet as I told you yesterday but it doesn’t work. The cord from the wall looks real nice, however. The modem I am using is slow which can be frustrating. I was able to get a good bath earlier and will get to sleep once I can send this. We are all fine and thank you for your prayers.



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